A Duty Of Care: Promoting Wellness To Employees In Singapore



Companies that have moved from the policy of ‘when you die, we compensate,’ and started promoting good health can confirm the numerous benefits that come with this. According to Employment Pass Consultants Singapore, such companies have increased the productivity and profits at the same time lowering costs of production. Rather than the earlier discussed mentality, it is now a business to help people live better and longer lives. Therefore, the employers are obliged to provide a duty of care to all employees at their workplace.

Promoting wellness to employees in Singapore

The director of Health Promotion Board in Singapore, Mr. Ben Khoon has highlighted that Singaporeans can be helped to live longer lives at their workplaces. This is the place they spend most of their daytimes and, thus, the employers must have well set medical schemes and plans. Together with various companies and unions, the HPB  has succeeded in the provision of various wellness programs. He went ahead to make a call to the unions and employers to get involved in facilitating the set programs that use the tax payers money.

Copying the world in their health promotion success

The director of AIA Singapore has agreed with the efforts claiming that other companies and employers all over the world have started taking the employee health as a matter of concern. He further added that they have working programs and strategies that push the employee to a ‘must have’ attitude when it comes to good health. As a matter of fact, the CEO confirmed that most of the Asian countries have successfully taken note of this.

Effects of employee poor health

According to reports, if an employee has a poor health, it is the business productivity becomes low, and the cost of operations goes up by a big percentage. In return, this has a direct effect on the economy of the country at large. The same reports also indicate that the Singaporeans, companies and their government have incurred a cost of S$ 200 million due to physical inactivity in the country in 2013. However, the country has made efforts to overturn the situation through improvement in the health well-being of all citizens.

Promoting a health well culture at workplace

The government has taken the initiative through the relevant bodies to promote a culture of health wellbeing at the workplace. All employers are tasked to take up a duty for all their employees. This has seen various programs take shape where companies partner with various hospitals and insurance companies to make this a possibility. A bigger percentage of companies in Singapore have a health insurance plan for their staff whether on contract or permanent basis.

The hospitals and health centers have been noted to make numerous sensitization programs to make sure that all employees understand how to make maximum use of the programs.


A full utilization of the programs will benefit the economy at large and help companies to achieve their goals. Most important that that, the Singaporeans will have a long and healthy life.