3 Ways To Keep Your Gift Wrap Eco Friendly

3 Ways To Keep Your Gift Wrap Eco FriendlyA gift becomes more special and interesting, when the element of mystery and surprise are added into the picture. This is the reason why we go the extra mile to conceal presents in decorative boxes and festive wrapping paper. When you come to think of it, why bother and spend on something that would only end up in the trash bin in a matter of minutes? It is not really practical and environment-friendly, is it? Do not worry, as this guide from Tiny Box Company comes to your rescue, with creative alternatives to keep presents exciting while keeping your wallet fat and making Mother Nature happy.

Involve your Kids and use their art as wrapping paper

This works quite well, when wrapping gifts for family members. This activity can also serve as a bonding time for you and your kids, while honing their inner Picasso. If you do not have kids, however, you can always unleash your inner child and get crazy with glitters and paint. Indeed, this is a fun and meaningful way to put a personal touch to gift giving.

Recycling can be both chic and cheap at the same time

Look around your house, as there might be a good chance that you have several dust gatherers lying around that is screaming to be useful.  Most people primarily use newspapers, but it has become so common that some people consider it a cheapskate to use them. Still, you can take advantage of newspapers, and apply them to your gift wraps. Just make sure, though, to keep it chic with twigs, strings, frayed ropes, or whatever you think is suitable.

If you couldn’t be bothered or simply have no time, then shop for gifts at retail stores with attractive packaging. Another idea is to use brown paper bags, as they are pretty versatile. As you jazz them up with a tie, buttons, beads, labels, ribbons; your gifts can go from drab to fab. Indeed, it is all a matter of imagination, so try to keep those creative juices flowing.

Use Reusable Materials as giftwrap

Using fabric as a wrapper to your presents is truly a great new gift wrapping technique, as fabric can be reused in a dazzling array of ways. The art of cloth wrapping is brought to us by the innovative Japanese, and they call it “furoshiki”. This is also an ongoing promotion in Argentina, as a drive for a greener planet. Fabric is a very versatile material, as it comes in different colors, patterns and textures. Just think of all the possibilities that you can do with a single fabric, and you will notice that it is limitless. It is indeed a stylish alternative to your good old paper.

Now, giftwrapping does not necessarily have to be a waste. Going green can be a great opportunity to explore, and come up with really cool twists to something traditional. Gift-giving is not all about what is contained inside the box, but its gesture also becomes a whole lot more meaningful when added with a personal touch. Your loved ones will probably take extra care and attention, in unraveling your gift, which would likely end up in a memento box rather than the trash bin.

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