A Tour of the Westminster Abbey

If you have planned a trip to London this season, there are some destinations that you simply cannot miss. And, Westminster Abbey is clearly one of them. And, if you have planned to reside at one of the hotels near Paddington Station, Westminster Abbey would be close by. It is situated right in Central London, beside the Big Ben. It is served by two major London tube stations and Red Buses also provide easy accessibility to this iconic tourist locale. However, if you are visiting for the very first time around, coming to terms with the following facts would be important.

Westminster Abbey is an Operating Church

Once you have checked into one of the hotels near Paddington Station like The Paddington Hotel London, it’s time to plan your tours and trips. Before you visit Westminster Abbey, it would be important to understand that Westminster Abbey is a working church. It is essentially a place of worship. Therefore, certain norms need to be abided by when you visit. To begin with, it is important for visitors to maintain silence here. Dressing appropriately is equally important. Women should not visit in revealing short skirts or very short tops. Men should dress in shirts and thigh length shorts. Men would be required to remove their hats when inside the church. There could be occasions where the staff might ask you to put on a wrap in case they feel that you have not dressed suitably. So, it’s better to come properly attired. Remember, it‘s extremely important to honor the religious sentiments of the people who come here for worship.

Luggage Not Allowed

You would not be allowed to carry bulky bags inside the church premises. Security personal would stop you from doing so. So, never plan a visit to Westminster Abbey, armed with loads of luggage. This is for your own security. Rucksacks, suitcases or service bags will not be allowed inside. If you must bring luggage along, remember, that the Victoria as well as Charing Cross stations, both have left luggage facilities. Both these stations are at walking distance from the Abbey. You can always keep your luggage here before heading to the Abbey. You should also know that the Chapter and the Dean reserves the right of searching small bags if you are carrying them along, before granting access to visitors and worshippers.

Other Norms to Abide By

If you are traveling with children, complete assessment would be provided. However, visiting the Abbey with preschool kids would not be advised. The differently abled will also receive complete assistance when they visit the Abbey.

Other Destinations to Explore

Some of the other destinations to explore near cheap & budget hotels in Paddington include Paddington Station , West London , Madame Tussauds , Kensington palace , Knightsbridge , Harrods , Westminster Abbey , Buckingham palace , Hyde Park and Bays water. It may be a good idea to prepare a detailed itinerary of all the places you wish to visit. This destination has all the ingredients to make this the trip of a lifetime!

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