Advantages Of Buying Newly Built Homes

The choice between buying a new or old home is purely based on your own preferences. To some, older homes with their distinct traditional look and personality tend to be more appealing, while to others, newer homes, which require little to not rehabilitation, are best.

If you prefer new builds, read on to find out more about their main benefits over older homes.

  1. Personalized Design

You get to handpick your preferred paint color, furniture and fittings, flooring and so much more by choosing to buy newly built properties. You will get to live in a new home from the get go, without the need to use up more money and time redecorating/remodeling.

  1. Quality Guarantee

To protect homeowners from having to deal with structural issues in their homes, newly built properties have a 10 year structural warranty such as the one offered by LABC.

Having a warranty not only helps calm any concerns you might have about the home’s build quality, but also provides significant cost savings in case any related issues are discovered before its expiry. View our New Homes Summary to find out more about warranties.

  1. Efficient Energy Consumption

Today, newly built homes have to meet high energy efficiency standards. Since energy costs are constantly rising, it’s worthwhile to keep it in mind, as it could come with significant long term cost savings.

Generally, the reduced carbon footprint associated with these homes makes them much more affordable to run. Although it’s possible, improving the energy efficiency of older homes tends to be costlier. As an added bonus, people suffering from respiratory diseases, such as asthma, and related allergies are best suited to living in newly built homes as they have better air quality owning to the improved air filtration systems.

  1. Home Loan Deals

When it comes to purchasing newly built homes, there are more deals available. The Help to Buy equity loan scheme ran by the government, for instance, gives borrowers the opportunity to buy a new home with a minimum deposit of up to five percent.

  1. Security Rating

Newly constructed homes feature improved security measures. Burglar alarm system pre-wire, or complete systems, are now considered as standard by most home builders. This ultimately decreases related property and contents insurance costs.

  1. Fire Safety

Today, homes are constructed to satisfy high safety standards by using the latest technology when it comes to fire safety. As per these safety standards, some windows in the structures must be large enough to facilitate an easy emergency exit in case of a fire.

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