Create an Ornamental Pond in Your Garden

There are some additions to a garden that make a lot of sense, and that look great when done with the right amount of care and attention. A pond is one that adds a very natural look and feel to the garden, and also attracts its fair share of nature’s wonders. Just as a natural pond may be a home for frogs, toads and newts – as well as a breeding place for beautiful dragonflies and other creatures – so your garden pond can be, too, so you are helping nature on its natural course of life.

There are some considerations you need to take if you are installing a pond. For example, you need to consider the space you have available. Even if you only have a small yard, you can still install a water feature of some kind. There are some very wonderful waterfall features, for example, that look great even in the smallest of gardens, and for these, all you need is a small pump to drive the water. That brings us neatly onto the subject of this article, which is why you need a pump and filter for your garden pond; don’t worry, these are not expensive items, but they are essential if you are to have a healthy and thriving pond environment.

About Pumps and Ponds

So, you want to create a pond in your garden. First, you need to find the ideal space. Anywhere with a bit of shade will do, and remember that it needs to be safe for children and pets. Also, consider that overhanging trees will deposit falling leaves in the water, which can be a problem. Now, you need to think about how you are going to keep the water clean and clear – and healthy for the creatures that you want to live there.

This is why you need a pump and filter. You can find a wealth of information, advice and reviews at, an excellent site that covers everything you need to know about choosing and installing a pond filter system. They have reviews of the best models, and also explain the differences between submersible and external pumps, and why you need to consider the capacity of your pond as a primary factor. The bigger the pond, the more powerful your pump needs to be, but rest assured these are not expensive items at all.

Enjoying Your Pond

Your local garden and aquatics centre will be able to offer you a wide variety of fish, plants and other accessories – a fountain is a good choice if you want something pretty and ornamental for your pond – and you will find them very helpful when it comes to populating your pond.

Once all the work is done, you can simply sit back and let it take its course, all the while safe in the knowledge that your pump and filter will keep your pond clean and healthy, and also require very little maintenance across the years.