DIY Gardening With The Whole Family: Tools To Use

Gardening and maintaining a property is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy and there are a number of tools which will serve to tackle even the most difficult of tasks. Learning how to use them is essential if you want your family gardening activity to be worthwhile and hassle-free.

Garden shears, for one, are durable enough to endure tedious gardening tasks and make trimming and cutting a breeze. Of course, these cutting instruments are not the only implements which can be used. There are a number of comprehensive online gardening resources to be perused and for the sake of clarity, let us take a quick look at some tools that will make family gardening a breeze.


You can think of a spade as a type of shovel. In fact, these are the most basic digging instruments that are used. Spades will help to aerate soil, plant bushes and properly maintain a vegetable or fruit patch. It is a good idea to purchase a few different sizes, as a younger child will obviously not be able to handle larger varieties.

Garden Hoe

A hoe is another extremely recognisable tool found within the garden. The excellent aspect in regards to these tools is the fact that as a long handle is attached, a great deal of leverage can be enjoyed. This is one of the reasons why children can often be seen using this tool; a great deal of power is not required. Hoes are used for weeding and tilling the soil.

Watering Cans

It should already be obvious that water is essential to keep a garden healthy. Still, a watering pot can be a great deal of fun for young children. They will also be able to learn the basics in regards to taking care of plants. Let’s never forget that a watering can is just as suited for pouring fertiliser throughout the garden.


While this tool may seem as if it belongs on a farm, the truth of the matter is that a pitchfork is just as useful within any domestic garden. It can be employed to aerate the soil, turn clumps of earth over and even to provide tiny holes for seedlings.

These are some of the most common (and simple) tools which are able to provide hours of fun for the entire family. Not only is gardening an extremely fun and relaxing activity, but teaching our children about the importance of the environment is critical in saving our planet.