Fresh and Original Anniversary Gift Ideas

What do you buy a happy couple for their anniversary? You could go down the usual route and get them what everybody gets – linen, the customary gift for that year, whatever it may be – or you could make an impact and be original! Whether a couple has been married a year or 20 – or even more – they will appreciate a well thought-out gift, so what can you get them that is original and appropriate? We had a look at some ideas for you, so have a read!

Engraved Glassware

A nice touch is to buy your friends some quality engraved glasses. They don’t need to be wine or spirits glasses – you can go original and give them something more funky and modern – but make sure you have them engraved personally with the initials or name, or even a slogan you know they would like. It’s a lasting gift that goes a long way, and won’t cost a great deal.

Quality Cookware

For friends who like to cook, why not have a look at some quality cooking utensils as an anniversary gift? You might want to get them a certain type of pan, for example, or a new set so they have all the sizes. This will always be a welcome gift for anyone who spends time in the kitchen, so it’s worth looking around for the right deals.

Artwork as a Gift

Are your friends art lovers? If so, why not look for an affordable item of original artwork? Or perhaps a limited edition print? You can find many galleries online offering one-off items, or you could go down the auction route which is always a great way of getting cheap, quality art. If you know the sort of thing they like, it’s worth having a look around for something that would be appropriate.

Gift Baskets and Hampers

We thought we would struggle for original anniversary gift ideas but in fact we found many great ones, including a range of gift baskets and hampers that we think are very original and good value. With various items included and having been carefully selected your friends will certainly appreciate the gesture so have a look and choose one that suits.

Treat them to a Night Out

Do the couple in question like a particular band or artist? Are they film fans, or do they enjoy a good meal? If any of these applies, why not buy them tickets to a concert or film, or book them a table at a favourite restaurant so they can enjoy an anniversary meal together? This is one gift that will be very much appreciated, so check what they are into and see if you can give them something they will truly appreciate.

If any of these ideas appeal to you then we’re happy to have helped, and we also think we might have inspired you to choose something similar. Giving a gift that is appreciated is always satisfying, so have a look around and make the anniversary a very happy one.