Hardscaping Trends for Your Garden in 2018



One of the latest trends in exterior design is to use outside area which is near or attached to the home as extra living space. Outdoor living space lends itself nicely to hardscaping and this is the trend for 2018. But, what does that mean to you as a homeowner? Are you looking to add living space or are you simply seeking ways to add extra dimensions to your lawn and garden? Why not have both? Hardscaping trends are leaning towards both function and design. Here is some of what is trending.

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Stone Retaining Walls – Where Function Meets Design

The past year has brought an awareness to homeowners across the US about how quickly land can erode during a particularly wet winter or summer. If your home or driveway is built on an incline, a sudden onslaught of torrential rains could quickly wear away the lines you’ve worked so hard to create. It is becoming increasingly popular to use landscaping stones of all sizes, from boulders to small rocks, to build retaining walls, especially along driveways up to the home. Not only are these functional but they are also fabulously decorative if you opt for a wide array of sizes and colors when choosing your stones.

Outdoor Kitchens – Standalone or Attached

Next on the list of trending hardscaping projects is an outdoor kitchen. Sometimes they are attached to the home much like a patio or porch would be and sometimes they stand alone in the lawn. Mostly they are paved with some kind of material such as decomposed granite because a surfacing is used to maintain permeability. For an outdoor kitchen, this is a must. While keeping the paving together, water can off without the need of a drain. Of course, an outdoor kitchen attached to the home can be hooked up to plumbing and water lines within the home but running plumbing from a standalone outside kitchen could be a costly endeavor.

Rock Gardens, Fountains, and Benches

You will want plenty of foliage and flowers in your garden area, but you will also want to add hardscaping elements such as rock gardens, fountains, and paved bench areas to add depth. Each of these hardscaping elements adds to the beauty of the garden but also brings an extra element of serenity. Rock gardens are especially useful to a homeowner who has little time to maintain traditional gardens because they inhibit the growth of weeds. Fountains add a peaceful, meditative element to your hardscaping design and benches offer a place to sit and gaze at the beauty of nature all around you. Typically the area where the benches are placed would have paving stones and often the benches are made of stone to complete the look.

Whether you are a busy homeowner with little time on your hands to care for a traditional garden or simply want to add functionality to the beauty you are creating, hardscaping is one trend you can appreciate. Why not add extra dimensions to your landscaping scheme with various forms of hardscaping? It’s just as much fun as landscaping, easier to maintain and guaranteed to add dimensions that will have your neighbors green with envy.