How to Create a Family-Friendly Bathroom



The bathroom is a part of the house which all family members visit regularly. So, it’s very important that it suits everybody’s needs and that they all feel comfortable in it. This may seem to be quite difficult to achieve since what your children like is probably completely different from your idea of a perfect bathroom. However, you all have to compromise, and in order to help you, we’ve prepared a list of some useful ideas and advice on how to create a family-friendly bathroom.

Bring some colours to your bathroom design

Nobody likes boring gray bathrooms which resemble those in hospitals and shelters. So, if you want your bathroom to look lively, add a splash of colour. The easiest and least expensive way to do so is by painting it. You can choose a nice bright yellow for the walls, or even paint your sink and cabinets with it. We guarantee that your children will be super excited and ready to help. However, this doesn’t mean that you should listen to them completely and accept all their ideas, since if you ask your children to design the bathroom, don’t be surprised if it ends up looking like a circus.

Take care of storage

When a big family shares one bathroom, storage is definitely the biggest issue. So, if you don’t want your bathroom to look messy all the time with toys and towels scattered all around the place, take your time to carefully consider all the possible storage options. For example, if your bathroom is not spacious enough, consider how to use the vertical space as best as possible and go for some small shelves which can be installed above your washing machine. Furthermore, you have to take your kid’s height into account as well, and provide them with storage units, such as drawers that they can reach easily. You can’t expect them to clean after themselves and put their bath tub toys back in their place if they can’t reach it.

Install an all-age-friendly bath tub

The most important part of every bathroom is certainly a bath tub and you have to make sure that it suits your children’s needs as well. For example, if they are still very young, you can build a footstool so that they can climb into it on their own. Furthermore, if your bathroom is small, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to install a shower. But you can go for some of the amazing smaller bath tubs as they are easy to install, and your children will love them.

Safety first

Another crucial part of any bathroom design is the issue of how to make it safe for all family members. Not making your bathroom slip-proof is the most common cause of injuries. For example, opting for floor rugs can be practical because they eliminate the need to step on cold tiles after a shower. However, they can become extremely slippery if the bottom part is not covered with a non-slip adhesive material. Even better, you can opt for decorative anti-slip pebbled bathroom tiles which generate more friction and prevent you from falling and seriously injuring yourself.

Bathroom accessories

Last but not least, bathroom accessories should be taken into consideration for an additional touch of uniqueness. They are crucial for making your bathroom more stylish and inviting. For instance, you can buy or make your own reusable mason jars for storing toothbrushes of all family members, soaps and even shampoos and shower gels. What’s particularly great about them is that they will help eliminate the need for throwaway plastic containers. Finally, we recommend that you buy some practical towel hangers like the ring-shaped ones which your children can easily use as well.

As you can see, making your bathroom family-friendly is not such a hard task after all. You just need to consider the needs of all family members and find a way to compromise and come up with the best solution for everybody. Lastly, feel free to experiment and add a personal touch to your bathroom.