Maintenance of Offshore Windfarms


New Eurojack Barge Introduced to Meet Offshore Challenges

Over the past several decades, there has been plenty of discussion about the world’s reliance on the finite reserves of fossil fuels and any attempts to come up with viable alternatives have always seemed like a token effort. However, the recent news that wind farms actually generated more energy than coal fired power stations in 2016 provides the biggest indicator yet that we are finally succeeding in providing reliable renewable energy.

One of the most important subsectors within the renewable energy industry is offshore wind power. As an island nation, the UK is in a unique position to leverage its natural resources and currently has around 1500 offshore wind turbines installed capable of powering around 3.5 million homes according to the latest government statistics

Offshore renewable energy has seen huge growth over the past decade but the exposed locations required for windfarms bring unique challenges for the operation and maintenance of the assets. Offshore turbines have to be located at sites where there are consistent wind strengths to maximise energy production, this can often pose challenges for the construction and maintenance activities.

Offshore windfarms have many benefits including keeping them away from sensitive residential areas and making the most of the suitable offshore winds but it also brings challenges. Red7Marine is a specialist supplier of jack up barges and understands these challenges better than most.

One of the most important decisions for successfully working in the marine environment is selecting the correct equipment for the task. Program delays caused by adverse conditions are one of the main causes of increased costs on marine construction projects so it is of paramount importance to carefully consider vessel choice.

The Eurojack 3923

Self-elevating platforms are nothing new, but what makes the Eurojack 3923 special is the jacking system and the sectional legs that can be extended from 42m to 66m. An innovative jacking system has been installed to ensure the transition between floating and elevated mode is as smooth as possible. The integral control system allows the bargemaster to safely monitor the deck and leg loads at all stages from the raised wheelhouse. The jack up barge has been designed to offer a versatile and cost effective alternative to using larger installation vessels for maintenance works and is more practical for a wider range of roles within the renewables and energy sectors.

With a variable capacity in excess of 750t, a deck area of more than 700 square metres, below deck storage and accommodation facilities, it can be configured to a client’s specific requirements depending on the activity required.

The future of power generation

There is a broad array of projects in the pipeline over the next two years as various countries press on to meet their commitments under National Renewable Energy Action Plans that were put forward under the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive. Offshore wind energy production is set to continue its exponential rise with 338 new UK wind turbines added in 2016, this pattern will certainly be repeated and even exceeded in the years ahead.

Red7Marine’s Eurojack will offer a cost effective solution in the operation and maintenance of our offshore windfarms and in the construction of vital energy projects around the UK and Europe.