Protecting Your Decking Without Damaging The Environment

Decking and wooden garden furniture can deteriorate due to weather exposure. That is why most homeowners have to recoat it every couple of years with various substances. The problem is that most of the coating solutions contain toxins and hazardous chemicals. So, we think it makes more sense to use natural alternatives and protect your deck in a more environmentally-friendly manner. As you will learn, sometimes preventative measures as the best way forward. Simple ideas can help you to get the same results without harming the planet. Some of the concepts are so obvious that you’re going to kick yourselves.

  • Cover the deck with a sheet during the cold months

Most decks are fine during the summer. They get both sunshine and rain but never experience huge changes in temperature. When the winter comes, the weather can prove a real problem. Below-zero temperatures can mean the decking splits and starts to rot. With that in mind, you should purchase a large waterproof sheet to cover the area. That will help to keep it a little warmer, but it will also stop it from getting wet. Wet decking can stay that way for months when the temperature drops, and that’s when deterioration occurs.

  • Use an organic protective paint

Most paint and varnish solutions available today are not suitable for your decking. That is because they are made using chemicals that harm the environment. Indeed, the process of creating the paint can cause lots of issues too. Thankfully, there are alternatives. A good milk paint company will sell solutions that are completely natural. That means you don’t have to worry about the planet, but your decking gets a fantastic level of protection. You can get milk paint in a wide range of different colors. So, the idea should be suitable, regardless of how extravagant you want to get.

  • Invest in a deck cleaning solution

Believe it or not, there are products designed specifically for cleaning decking. Some of them are natural, and some use dangerous chemicals. If you want a low-maintenance garden, looking after your decking properly is essential. When the wood starts to rot, it will attract lots of creepy crawlies that will start to feast. A good deck cleaning solution should stop that from happening anytime soon. It helps to remove moss and other build-ups that might be damaging your wood.

  • Erect a roof

It might sound like a big job, but creating a roof above your decking shouldn’t take more than one day. You just need to install a frame and get some plastic boards from your local DIY store. Not only will a roof protect your wood, but it will also allow you to spend time outside when the rain is pouring.

You should have enough ideas to ensure your deck doesn’t become unusable anytime soon. It would be such a shame if you had to tear it down and replace it with something very expensive. By simply making a little effort, you can ensure that doesn’t happen. Decking should stay in good condition for more than ten years if you look after it properly. Now you’ve read the information; you have no excuse for letting it deteriorate.