Simple Tips And Tricks To Breath New Life Into A Dull Living Room

Sometimes it is easy to brighten a room and make it a pleasant place to be. Some people spend much money on interior design projects that are incredible enough to feature in design magazines. Others do not have the resources to carry out such luxuries.

If you have a dull living room and a small budget, here are some simple tricks and tips to breath new life into it.

Colour Scheme

If your room has dated wallpaper on the walls, it must be the first thing to go. Are you one of those people who put new paper on top of the existing layer? Now you must pay the price because it will be twice as hard to remove as it would have been otherwise. Buy a steam generator to remove the old covering; they are available in all DIY chain stores for about twenty pounds. Follow these instructions.

  • Fill the reservoir to the correct level with water.

  • Switch the unit on and wait for the water to boil.

  • When steam blows out of the plate, hold it against the wall for ten seconds.

  • Move the plate to another area and try to scrape the paper that you just steamed.

  • If the paper will not budge, put the steam plate against it for a further ten seconds.

  • Remove the wallpaper.

Now you can paint the walls. Use a light colour to freshen the room. Think about a bright yellow or even white to make the room seem big and bright.

vibrant living room decor

Emily May


The old curtains might make the room musty and oppressive. Think about fitting some new window blinds instead. Visit the blinds superstore to see what options are available to you. There is a massive range and something to suit every budget. New window dressings have a remarkable effect on the room.


If there is a single light in the middle of the ceiling, think about changing it for a modern alternative with LED bulbs. Some stunning new light fittings are available for under fifty pounds, and they will change the look of the room. The LED bulbs will save you cash because they use much less power than ordinary light bulbs and last much longer. You can change the fitting yourself if you know what you are doing. If you are in any doubt, call an electrician.

There is no need to discard your old table lamps. You can buy LED bulbs to retrofit almost every lamp. Compliment them with bright new shades that will let the light cast shadows and add character to the room in the evenings. Place some lamps on the floor in the corner of the room or behind furniture to make extra shadows.


Rugs are surprisingly expensive. It might be worthwhile investing in new carpet or laminate floor instead. If it is a small room, you could pick up an end-of-roll piece at a bargain price. Laminate flooring is cheaper than many carpets and is suitable for DIY installation. It is a contemporary choice.

You can breath new life into your room without spending a fortune. Establish your goals and work towards them the best way you can. I hope you found my suggestions useful; they worked well in my home. That’s all for today; lookout for more of my helpful DIY articles i future. I have much wisdom to impart.

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