The Best Dog Dental Chews

Owning a dog is a joy; it’s no surprise that these wonderful animals, both big and small alike, are known as Man’s Best Friend! There’s more to dog ownership, however, than many people think. After all, you need to look after your dog in those areas he can’t look after himself!

Think about this: from a very young age, we have it drummed into us that we must look after our teeth. We need to brush them regularly with the right toothpaste to remove all the debris and stuff that builds up in the cracks. A dog, of course, cannot brush his or her teeth. We could do it for them – and should once in a while or have a vet do so – but there are other, easier ways to attend to your dog’s dental hygiene.

After all, cuddling a dog with bad breath is never a great experience, no matter how dedicated you may be. The answer comes in the form of dental chews: cheap, effective and the dog will love them, and you have a wide choice of different ones so will be able to find one that your dog loves.

Why Dental Chews?

It’s important to remember that, like ours, a dog’s teeth are vulnerable. They suffer many of the same problems that we do, including a build-up of plaque, tooth decay, bad breath caused by decaying left-over food, tartar deposits and more. The dog can do very little about this, so if left to continue, the problem could be pain and discomfort the dog, and expensive vets bills for you!

Dental chews come in many forms, and are designed to be tasty for the dog, but also to help clean the teeth and gums when chewing. Dogs love to chew – often not what you want them to – so having a dental chew regularly also encourages them to exercise the jaw whilst chewing on something that is good for them.

Some owners like to hold one end of the chew while the dog takes the other end; this is an advised course of action if you are worried about choking, or if your dog likes to gulp. Also, make sure you know what is in the chew you choose to give your dog, as some dogs can have allergic reactions to certain ingredients, so these should be avoided.

Choosing Your Dog Chews

With dogs being very popular as pets, it is no surprise the market for dog products – and dental chews – is a competitive one. You will find plenty of choice – with big names such as Pedigree, Bakers and more offering a variety of products – so you should look for one that is aimed at the size and type of dog you have, or perhaps ask a vet for their own preference.

Helping your dog remain healthy means keeping him or her happy, so you will have a longer, more fulfilling time with your beloved pet, so check out dental chews now and make sure you help your dog keep its teeth clean and healthy.