The Best Way to Clean an Oven: Rural Style

The number of Brits opting for camping holidays in the UK has risen by around 15% in recent years, but why? One reason is that the financial crisis deterred people from travelling abroad, but it’s also worth considering the fact that many travellers are looking to enjoy more eco-friendly holidays. A round trip flight from London to New York emits more than 1 tonne of carbon dioxide per person while camping and hiking (when done correctly), can be a much kinder alternative.

But what do we mean by ‘correctly’?

Well, while hill walking in Scotland is naturally more environmentally friendly than air travel, some campers still leave their mark. It’s important to tread lightly to protect the ground, take rubbish and waste with you, and be selective when it comes to which cleaning products to use whilst sleeping in the great outdoors. Lightweight Dutch ovens might ideal for camping and hiking, but what’s the best way to clean an oven and reduce your environmental impact?

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Oven Cleaning: Best Method

Many of us know that the best way to clean an oven – as shown in this video – is to use a good quality oven cleaner. This is because it contains everything we need to remove dirt and grime easily (although as with an strong chemical it’s important to only use it according to the instructions on the label). Simply remove loose food and dirt with a blunt edged knife, spray your chosen product inside the oven and on the inner glass of the doors (don’t spray any on the fan or heating elements) and leave for 30 minutes before scrubbing away and wiping clean with a microfiber cloth.

It really couldn’t be simpler – but that’s when you’re in the comfort of your own home.

Outdoor Oven Cleaning: Campers Guide

When camping, you may not have the room to take oven cleaning chemicals with you – or the inclination. Remember, these chemicals can pose a threat to wild animals and plants so it’s probably best to leave your big oven cleaning until you return home and can use such products safely.

In the meantime, wiping your oven out with a damp cloth after each use could help it stay fresh and hygienic during your trip. You can add a little eco-friendly washing-up liquid to the cloth for stubborn marks but should remember to only clean the oven when it is completely cooled.

A similar process can be used to clean dirty pots and pans while you are out camping but there are a few guidelines you should follow to ensure this activity does not affect surrounding wildlife:

  • Wash dishes, pots, pans and any other items at least 100ft away from your water source to prevent the risk of contamination.
  • Only use as much water as you need to wash your pots, pans and dishes. A good tip is to fill a clean pot with some water and then only transfer what you need to use to the dirty pans. Any water left in the clean pot can then be used for other purposes to avoid waste.
  • Dispose of dirty water by digging a hole in the ground and pouring the water away. Cover the whole with the loose dirt to prevent animals from drinking the dirty water.

So, there you have it. Strong cleaning products might be the most effective and best way to clean an oven at home but when camping it’s advisable to keep things simple. Use our eco-friendly suggestions while you’re staying in the great outdoors and then give your camping oven and pots a thorough clean when you return home. Simple.