Top 5 Breweries in Victoria London

The tradition of brewing dates back to 2500 BC. The evidence of clay tablets show that brewing was a common occupation for the Mesopotamians and the brewers were mostly women. The Egyptian Pharaohs, around 5000 years ago used to drink it every day. It was a part of their daily diet. The art of brewing has come down from history and has not faded even once. It has laid down its roots almost everywhere on this planet.

Brewing in Victoria, London started off in the 17th century at the west end of the Victoria Street. There are many classic breweries in Victoria. A trip to these breweries would be an exciting as well as an interesting experience. In order to explore these breweries, you need to book your accommodation in Victoria. Thankfully, Victoria offers several accommodation options to suit almost every budget. Top budget hotels in London Victoria, like Sidney Hotel London Victoria offer clean and comfortable accommodation at bargain rates. These hotels are a perfect place to lodge, if you want to discover the amazing breweries in Victoria, London.

Breweries in Victoria

Victoria London is a spectacular town comprising of many historical buildings, such as, Buckingham Palace, Royal Albert Hall, and Elisabeth Conference Centre. The place has a lot to offer to almost all tourists. From fancy and soothing restaurants to rocking bars and clubs, this place has everything. Thanks to the budget hotels in London Victoria, travelling around the town has become extremely convenient and cost effective. This town also has many popular breweries which are a favourite place to hang out for tourists, such as:

  • Cask Pub & Kitchen: This brewery is at short distance from both London Victoria Station and Pimlico Underground Station. It serves beer, wines, spirits, and delectable food. A very fresh and innovative place to hang out with friends or your loved one.
  • Majestic Wine Belgravia: This place is situated near Lower Belgrave Street, which is also the home of HM Passport Office. If you love to drink and want a lot of options this is the perfect place to be. Beer, wine, champagne, spirits, soft drinks are available on its menu list.
  • The Porterhouse: “The Porterhouse Brewing Company presents for your delectation”- the logo of this brewery says it all. The beer offered here is brewed manually, rather than by using machines. It also holds various entertaining events.
  • Sambrook’s Brewery: Wandle Ale and Junction Ale are the two most famous beers of this place. Its logo says that it is, “the home of real ale”. It is an exceptional place to enjoy vintage beers.
  • The Brewery: It is a very elegant place. This 18th century brewery has been renovated. Now it is used as a venue for holding events, parties. It is also called “the heart of the city”.

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