Top 5 Medium Sized Family Dogs

A dog is a great addition to the family.  They can ease stress, provide you with love, affection and companionship and have also been known to improve owners confidence and social skills as well as those of their children too.  As most need some walking, they also encourage you to get out and about to exercise.

With so many different breeds out there, how do you know which is right for you?  You need to buy a dog that is a suitable size for your household for starters.  If you have decided that a medium-sized dog would be perfect, because it is not too small and delicate but not too big, then stick with us as we look at what we feel are 5 of the best medium size dogs breeds.

Labrador Retriever

One of the most versatile and popular dog breeds in the world – labradors are known for being patient, playful, sociable, gentle and extremely loyal.  They are funny and intelligent in equal measures and will bring a sense of adventure and fun to your family.  Be prepared though to walk a lot if you decide to get a lab.


Beagles are a very robust breed of dog known to love rough play and have a seemingly unlimited amount of energy to burn off.  It is important to note that while they are very outgoing, happy and smart dogs; they are scent hounds and therefore are difficult to train to come back when you call them and obviously require a huge amount of stimulation and exercise.


Incredibly sociable, boxers are a breed of dog that loves to be around people and enjoy playing and acting daft with children.  They do need a lot of training and exercise, but you are rewarded with a companion and addition to the family that is often hilarious and always exuberant and energetic.  Don’t be put off by their tough sounding name or that goofy expression on their face, as with the right training these can be great, friendly pets perfect for a family.

Border Terrier

Border terriers are adaptable and tough and have a simultaneously comical and grumpy facial expression.  They are just as happy to laze around the house or go off on adventures outside with the family.  Compared to other terrier breeds that usually require a large amount of stimulation and exercise, borders are far more laid back.


Although it is still officially considered a mixed or cross-breed, the cockapoo deserves to be on our list.  Not only are they ridiculously cute, they are also very loyal and friendly and easy to train.  Cockapoo breeders have noted a serious increase over the last few years in interest in this particular dog and it’s not without good reason.

There you have it, in our opinion, the best medium sized dog breeds.  Obviously, because of personal taste, preference and needs your favourite breed may not have made our list.  It is always important to choose a dog that is right for your own circumstances, not just because everyone else has one.