Tree Removal the Expert Way

Having trees in and around your garden and yard is a wonderful sight to behold. They can grow to amazing heights, and look very beautiful, and they make an excellent addition to any vista. There are also so many different types of trees that you have a wide choice – and if you have trees already, you may want to know more about the species that you are growing.

This will also help when it comes to maintenance, which is an important part of the life of a tree. Trees need regular pruning to keep them looking beautiful for as long as possible, and to stop them from falling into disrepair, and they also require looking after in terms of checking for disease and damage.

Indeed, storm damage has spelled the end of many a fine tree, but sometimes there is nothing else you can do but cut the tree down and start again. A damaged tree can be dangerous; for example, loose branches can fall and damage property, and storm damaged trees have been known to crush cars and cause injury. Any such occurrences are your responsibility if the tree is on your land.

When to Remove Trees

It is always sad to have to remove a mature, beautiful tree, but sometimes it can be necessary. We have mentioned damage; trees with damaged branches can be cut back in most cases and will grow again, but those where the very heart of the tree – the trunk – is damaged may need removing. Trees that are diseased are also in need of removal, as many such diseases can spread to other trees and cause further problems.

The problem is that removing a tree is not an easy process. It requires a great deal of skill and expertise, let alone can be dangerous for anyone who is not experienced and who is not using the right equipment. This is why it is essential that you engage the services of a Lansing tree removal company with the relevant knowledge and expertise, and you will find that this is the most cost-effective method of having trees removed.

Full Range of Services

The tree maintenance experts can also offer you a full range of services for all your tree care needs, extending from pruning and trimming – which we have already mentioned the importance of – to the removal of tree stumps, itself a dangerous and skilled job that requires some serious expertise.

They will happily advise you as to which of your trees needs to be removed and those that can be salvaged – especially after storms, in which they can attend as an emergency within 24hours – and they can offer you a free, no obligation quote for all your tree maintenance, removal and trimming requirements, and you will be impressed by their professionalism and sensible rates.

Why not get in touch now and see just how you can make sure you have great looking, healthy and long-lived trees that will enhance your garden for a lifetime.