Unbelievable Things To Do In Your Shed When You Are Bored


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Sheds. What would we do without them? There comes a point in every man’s life when the shed gene kicks it. Usually it is between the ages of thirty to forty. Maybe it is because our families have taken over the home. Often we are not talking about sheds like the one in the image; we are referring to spider filled shacks that smell of creosote and are full of gardening tools.

Sheds are amazing structures to own because of the things you can do in them. No job has to be perfect. You can put nails in the walls wherever you like and paint the inside of them bright pink if that is your choice. It is also not such a tragedy if part of your shed gets scratched or damaged in some way.

But what projects would you carry out in your shed if money and time were no option? Check out my suggestions for things to do in your shed when you are bored.


Does your significant other complain about the smell from the bucket of beer that is cooking in the corner of the kitchen? Sheds are ideally suited to brewing and fermenting alcohol. When the time comes to syphon your drinks into bottles, it won’t matter if you spill it everywhere. It’s only a shed.


If there is no place in the house where you can find enough peace and quiet to follow the story of a book, your shed is the solution. By installing a comfortable chair and footstool, you will create your own little hideaway from the world.

Generate Power

If you are interested in electricity and need a hobby, it is possible to generate small amounts of power using your shed. Solar panels on the roof can be used to charge up a bank of leisure batteries that can them provide a twelve or twenty four volt power supply for further projects. Of course, your hobby will be on a small scale. There are professional companies that have installed a lot of solar panels on a scale that is mind blowing!

Your shed is an ideal place to mount a small scale wind turbine. It is possible to build your own using an electric motor and some fan blades, or you may prefer to buy a turbine kit.


If the shed is the only place that you are able to listen to your genre of music uninterrupted, make the most of it. Take a music centre into it and boogie evenings away with your idol and plenty of homebrew. Close the curtains so nobody can see you though, it probably looks a bit sad.


If you are a keen collector, where better to display the collection. Fit shelves or cabinets as necessary and show your treasures with pride. It is often a difficult task to display a collection satisfactorily as other family members complain.

Hide Things

Are you a secret smoker or drinker? The musty old shed may be the solution you have been looking for. Perhaps it is your collection of lad’s mags that need to be hidden away. Many people don’t like going into sheds, so there is surely a great place to keep your stash.

There is no doubt about it; sheds are great. Make the most of yours before you lose it to all the junk that your better half doesn’t want to keep in the house.

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