Why Do So Many UK Ex-Pats Choose To Move To Australia?

If you have been considering moving overseas away from the UK and have been looking at various warmer and more exotic places than Blighty; there are many good reasons why Australia should be top of your list of possibilities.  Obviously the first thing you think of when you think of Australia is the consistently warm climate that the country experiences most of the year.  However, in the following article you will discover even greater reasons than just the temperature as to why so many Up ex-pats are deciding to call Australia home.

Thriving Economy

When you compare it to most countries that make up the EU, Australia avoided sinking too deeply into the recession that seemed to grip most of the world.  As a matter of fact, Australia is said to be the world’s 13th largest and most successful economy.  This is largely thanks to the high GDP per capita, considerably lower rates of poverty and unemployment compared to other countries and the country’s rich supply of natural resources.  The result of this is that there are greater employment and business opportunities down under than in many other countries throughout the world.

Better Quality Of Life

It is not hard to understand why Australia provide a better quality of life for it’s citizens than other countries in the world when you consider the stable economy and generally warm climate.  Australia for example, ranked 2nd place in the UN’s 2010 Human Development Index.  The UN use the HDI to rank countries based on a number of different criteria including life expectancy, education and living standards.  In addition, Australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne are always ranking highly on worldwide liveability lists.

Diverse Multiculturalism

Australia has an immigration policy that promotes multiculturalism and welcomes onto its shores a large number of ex-pats from all over the world, including the UK, every year.  According to a recent calculation, it is thought that somewhere in the region of 4% of the country’s entire population were actually born in a different country.  The largest percentage of these people come from New Zealand, Vietnam, China and you’ve guessed it, the United Kingdom.  The upshot of this is that the country and most of its inhabitants are very friendly and welcoming towards people from different parts of the world and who adhere to different cultural practices.

It’s Wonderful Cities

As noted further up the page, many of Australia’s largest and most important cities are also the cities that tend to rank highly on global liveability tests.  Interestingly, most of these are located on Australia’s sunny and beautiful coastline.  For example, look at Sydney.  It is a very dynamic and modern city that is home to a large population that consists of people from all ethnicities.  It is a world leader when it comes to commerce, sports, the arts and finance. One of the wonderful things about Australia is that for those who choose to make it there home, there is variety for them to discover and experience.  People who want a quiet and idyllic lifestyle in the outback or the busy metropolitan lifestyle of a big city can get it all in Australia.

Gorgeous Landscape And Intriguing And Interesting Wildlife

Wherever you decide to try living in Australia, you will never be far away from adventures waiting to happen.  The country is unique in that it offers the widest range of different surroundings and landscapes from rainforests to deserts, to mountain ranges and sandy beaches.  Because of this, Australia is home to an intriguing and interesting array of wildlife, some of which are very rare including crocodiles, koalas, kangaroos and many breeds of marsupial; as well as various plants, fish, reptiles, spiders and insects.