Why Your Green Activist Group Shouldn’t Ignore SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO strategies don’t just benefit for-profit companies. Your non-profit should be just as interested in using this strategy in order to promote the work that you do, expand your donor base, and attract larger gifts. The principles that underlie SEO marketing techniques apply to all types of businesses, even those that are not in the business of generating profits but rather serving the common good.

SEO strategies have been employed for years by for-profit businesses and used to advertise and promote a business and its products and services. The proper use of SEO, which has advanced from those abusive tactics of years ago (i.e. keyword stuffing, article spinning, paid links, irrelevant content, etc.), gives your non-profit one more arrow in your quiver in order to reach those most likely to support your cause and give you money.

SEO Marketing Explained

Search engine optimization marketing looks at using the way search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo!) rank websites in order to position your product, service, or idea and direct web traffic to you. SEO that uses content marketing uses relevant information that is targeted to the interests of your intended audience and helps you broaden your appeal and reach. It should be noted however that SEO strategies should not be the entirety of your marketing plan, but they are an integral tool in gaining customers or supporters. Such an end is as important to you as a non-profit organization that relies on donor support as it is to for-profit businesses looking for new customers and market opportunities.

The changes in SEO marketing were prompted by changes instituted by search engine giants like Google. Google’s Panda algorithm was created to “clean up the web” and level the playing field for those looking to market themselves online. The algorithm punishes bad behavior and rewards those users who place meaningful content online that is relevant to the needs of potential customers.

How the Use of SEO Marketing Techniques Benefits Your Non-Profit

Non-profits looking to employ SEO strategies obtain the same benefits as for-profits. SEO marketing is a part of a business’s paid and owned media approach to marketing and promotion. These include websites, blogs, social media, and advertising on social media outlets. It also includes the paid placement of content externally in order to drive higher web results, and email marketing campaigns. When a non-profit uses the same SEO strategies as for-profits, mindful of the changes made to the way search engines rank websites and view posted content, the outcome is the same. Your expectation should be for more web traffic and a chance to increase your appeal and visibility organically.

In order to benefit from a good SEO strategy, you should seek the advice and counsel of those who know how SEO works. An SEO marketing firm that is in the business of developing a strong, content driven program that is specific to the type of donors you are looking for provides you with an additional outlet to expand your outreach and improve your results.

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