About Rachel Adams

Hi there and welcome to my page, my name is Rachel, but you can call me Green Wonder if you so wish!  I am in my 30’s and more than anything in the world I love trying to be as green as possible.  Ever since my teens I have been an active and passionate believer in vegetarianism and recycling and everything connected to that sort of lifestyle choice.

What do I mean by “being green”?  Well, I mean in the first instance that I try to tick to the 3 R’s in as much of my life as possible.  The 3 R’s being: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.  I try to reduce the amount of waste I produce by not needlessly throwing away things, such as food waste which where possible, raw fruit and vegetable waste.  In my back garden I have a composter, which I regularly top up with whatever peelings and trimmings from raw fruit and veg I couldn’t use in my home cooking.

Also, I always try and reuse cardboard boxes where I can and if I don’t have use for them I pass them onto my sister, who loves to do crafty things with her children.  Once I had a rather large collection of cereal, tissue and egg boxes which I gave to my sister and nephews who turned them into a small, but impressive army of robots!

Although I am not an expert at DIY, I always try to make use of what I have or accumulate to reduce the amount of waste I create.  So if I have an old pair of curtains or clothes I no longer want or can wear I will always turn them into something else if I can, or hand them onto someone who could make use of them.  I just care deeply about the planet and you only have to look around the area you live in to see the needless pollution and waste caused by people every day.

I am also very passionate about buying locally sourced and organically grown fruit and vegetables.  When I started to read labels more and pay attention to where things were things were from before arriving on the shelves of my local supermarket, I was amazed at how much stuff was not coming from the UK.

This is not because we have a shortage of produce available; it is because in this modern world everyone demands everything when they want it, regardless of whether it comes from New Zealand, South Africa or down the road.  If you stick to seasonally available local produce you in a small way can cut down on the part you play in buying goods from supermarkets that have flown them from the furthest reaches of the globe, just to meet the demands of the greedy and spoilt!

Now I don’t want anyone to feel put off by this website because they think they are going to be preached to.  That is not my aim.  My goal with this website and blog is to provide some of the hints, tips and advice I have learned along the way so that interested people have a place they can use for reference when trying to live greener!

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