Amazing Technology for Natural Climate Control

In recent years there has been a huge push to go green and unfortunately, there are times when it just doesn’t seem feasible to reach goals set by governments. We are asked to turn off heat and air conditioning when we leave for the day in order to cut back on the use of fossil fuels, but this often leaves our homes in danger of getting too hot in summer months. With summer fast approaching, here are some innovative ways in which technology helps us to achieve climate control naturally.

Keep the Curtains Drawn

One of the worst offenders in hot summer months are those hot rays from the sun that penetrate homes, making them almost unbearable. It is suggested that if you leave for extended periods during the day, such as in working a 9 to 5, you should keep curtains drawn. This is especially important for windows with southern exposure that draw those hot afternoon rays. By keeping it darker, it naturally stays cooler. In this way, you can confidently set your air conditioning to its warmest setting or turn it off altogether. Keeping curtains drawn in the winter can also help keep your home warmer as well!

Automatic Window Control Systems

Many people like to leave their windows opened a crack to keep fresh air flowing through their homes. Whether at home or away, if it starts raining whilst you are unaware, your furniture, draperies and even the carpeting can get soaking wet. Once mildew sets in there’s almost no getting rid of it. Amazing new technology has brought automatic window control systems to the market and many have sensors that can detect the first drops of rain. Windows close automatically so that you needn’t worry about torrential rains ruining your possessions. An interesting side note here is that these sensors from companies like can also detect smoke and open windows to keep internal air breathable.

Close off Rooms with Appliances or Electronics

Another source of extreme (and often unnoticeable) source of heat in the summer comes from rooms where appliances and electronics are left running. You can’t very well shut off your refrigerator when you go to work or shut off pilot lights on your range but you would be surprised at just how much heat these generate. Keep doors closed leading to rooms with computers that are left running and if at all possible, close off your kitchen as well. It may be a bit hot to cook in during the evening, but you can at least wander into a dining room to eat where it remains cool due to your advance planning!

You may still need to run your air conditioners in the early evenings, but by taking appropriate precautions you can drastically cut back on the amount of time needed to cool your home. Also, you may even get away with setting the temperature control a bit higher because it will not need to work so hard to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level. Believe it or not, technology really can help you live a more sustainable, greener lifestyle.

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