Cotton Bags: Better for the Environment

It is understood by many people that the environment suffers from the use of plastic bags.  The fact is that plastic bags are thrown away in the billions each year.  This is an extremely wasteful practice, it is bad for animal populations (especially those in the sea), and they place a major burden on landfills.  The number of people realising the adverse environmental effects is growing, resulting in a demand for reusable cotton bags.  This movement toward the use of environmentally responsible products continues to grow steadily.  Reusable cotton bags are eco friendly and can be used time and time again.

They are quite easily cleaned and very durable and strong

According to most experts, the environment can be impacted in a positive way if people choose to use reusable cotton bags instead of plastic bags.  There are a number of ways the environment can be impacted, including the following:

  1. A great deal of air pollution is created during the manufacturing process of plastic bags. Many reusable bags are manufactured in an eco-friendly way, thus reducing the amount of air pollution.  Furthermore, the demand for plastic bags is reduced as more people choose reusable cotton bags.  In this way people can directly affect the reduction of smoke and pollutants in the air.
  1. Using reusable cotton bags also reduces the amount of landfill waste and litter. The major portion of landfill waste is made up of disposable items like plastic bags.  Plastic bags contribute to litter in communities and throughout the environment as well.  The use of reusable bags reduces the possible instances of plastic bags being released into the environment.
  1. Plastic bags also negatively affect wildlife, especially in the world’s oceans. Animals will often eat the bags thinking they are prey, or they will get tangled in the bags causing them to be injured or even causing death.  The use of reusable bags is a direct way for people to reduce the chances of various wildlife encountering plastic bags in their natural environment.

It may take a little time to get used to using reusable bags, but this is one of the most direct and personal ways for people to reduce the overall dependence societies have on plastic bags.  Over time, consumers can play a large role in eliminating the harmful effects on the environment by committing to using the reusable cotton bags.