Essential Time Saving Tools For Your DIY Projects


One of the biggest reasons people don’t get involved with DIY is that they don’t have the time. It’s understandable – when you are just starting out, you have to refer regularly to instructions, and you don’t’ know what you’re doing. There’s also the fact that you might not have the right set of tools. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a list of tools and equipment that can save you a lot of time when you are tackling new projects. Take a look through and see what you think – perhaps it will inspire you to embrace a little more DIY!

Tool Belt

Before I got a tool belt, my DIY projects took forever. I was constantly putting things down, losing them, and scrabbling around on the floor for screws, nuts, and hammers. I can’t tell you how much better doing DIY is with a tool belt – or how much time it saves. Especially when you are up a ladder! No more keeping nails in your mouth as you are hammering in a new fixture into the wall, and no more wasting time going back and forth to your tool box. Everything’s there with you as you work – so get one as soon as possible.


A simple battery operated nailer will help you out no end when you start a big DIY project. And, let’s not forget, it will also save your fingers from being crunched by wayward hammering. That said, you do need to be careful. Keep nailers as far away from children as you can, and never leave it lying around. You shouldn’t underestimate how dangerous these bad boys are.

Impact Driver

How much of my life have I wasted trying to force screws into hard materials with a manual screwdriver? I can only imagine how much DIY I would have got through if I had bought my Makita DTD146 a few years earlier. Now, there’s no doubt that a corded or cordless drill offers a lot more flexibility with what it does. However, an impact driver has one job and one job only: driving those screws through in double quick time.


The drill is the ultimate handy gadget to have for your DIY projects. I use mine for creating holes only, although if you don’t have an impact driver they can be used as a screwdriver, too. You can get cordless or corded versions – and both have their place. Cordless drills are very flexible and can be used anywhere. Corded drills are powerful, but you may find that you are restricted by the length of its lead. My advice? Get both. If you are taking on DIY projects is a big way, they will come in handy.

Circular Saw

Once you get really stuck into DIY, you are going to do a lot of wood cutting. You can either spend hours – and sometimes days! – using a hand saw, or you can be more efficient with your time and go for a circular saw. Not only will it cut through your eco-friendly wood quickly and accurately, but you will also be able to cut curves.

What are your go-to tools for DIY? Get in touch and let us know if you have any time-saving equipment that you use.