How To Go Green On A Budget

Going green is the new normal. Every car manufacturer on the planet now has a hybrid option. Every business is striving to cut emissions. Every household is working to go greener. Living an eco-friendly life is the compassionate thing to do for our planet. We have harvested its resources beyond recognition. There is simply no future in oil, coal and our current landfill choices. We are polluting the planet and ripping its natural resources from the earth.

Thankfully, a big change is taking place. A global alteration in the way we live our lives is happening. The benefit is that green technology is actually better value for money. Renewable energy sources will cut down our energy bills. Recycling and reusing items will cut down costs. The trouble is that the big changes cost money to install. For example, most of us can’t afford to invest in a solar panel or wind turbine big enough to power our home. There are, however, plenty of smaller things we can do. They may sound small, but they make a big difference.


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Ditch the car

Vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions. They are a big part of the problem we find ourselves in today. Most importantly, they are a huge contributor to global warming. In our day to day lives, we can help reduce and eliminate this contribution. Leave the car at home every now and then and find alternative modes of transport. Perhaps you could get out on the bike or share a life to work with a colleague.

Grow your own food

CO2 emissions and global warming dominates our news headlines. However, chemical pollution and pesticides are just as big a problem to the natural world. On a large scale, pesticides are used on farms and by other food producers. The chemicals seep into the soil and percolate into rivers and ecosystems. They kill vital parts of the food chain, drastically altering the natural world. You can help reduce this effect by growing your own vegetables. They taste better too!

Look at your energy use

We all know that the more energy we use, the more fossil fuels we burn. It is an unsustainable model. Although there are big changes happening at the source, you can do your own small part. Turn lights and appliances off when not in use. Lower your thermostat and keep energy use in check. You could also switch to greener providers such as Companies like this make use of industrial solar power and voltage optimisation. It’s cheaper and greener.

Refuse, recycle, reuse and reduce

Use these four words as your mantra. Look at every small part of your home and see if you can apply these four words. Don’t throw anything away without first considering a second use. Landfill is one of the biggest challenges our planet faces and the oceans are not the solution. Think carefully before you throw anything away.

It’s easier than you think when you put your mind to it! These may seem like small changes, but imagine if everyone on the planet made them too. That would be a big difference!