Sustainable Packaging Options for Your Business

Aside from the obvious benefits for the earth, choosing to use sustainable packaging options can be invaluable for a flourishing business. Here are the benefits of using green packaging for your business’ products.

Improve Customer Relations

Environmental consciousness has been on the rise with consumers; in turn, the market for greener services is greater than ever. Adopting eco-friendly practices will demonstrate that your company is mindful about the environment, and it promotes the image of a wholesomely responsible business. Choosing sustainable packaging for your company’s products, and boasting it to the public, will set your business apart from others, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Improve Business Connections

Customers are not the only people that eco-friendly packaging will appeal to, greener practices such as using sustainable packaging will make your business appeal to more job seeker. This will help give your company the edge in being able to choose mindful and loyal workers. Even investors are leaning toward companies that are making eco-friendliness a priority.

Environmental Impact

A product made from recycled materials uses far fewer precious resources than a product made from scratch. The majority of green, sustainable packaging options are not only composed of recycled goods, but they are manufactured with a more energy-efficient process. In fact, one of those flimsy plastic bags used in many grocery stores takes about four and a half times as much energy to produce as a reusable, sustainable bag.

Biodegradable Disposal

In addition to a less harmful manufacturing process, eco-friendly packaging options make it extremely easy for consumers to responsibly dispose of leftover packaging. Sustainable packaging is made to be put directly in a recycling bin, or buried in the ground to be broken down naturally.

No Plastics

Plastic is widely used in traditional, less environmentally conscious packaging options. Petrochemicals, key components of many types of plastics, require a significant amount of energy and resources in their production. When they come in contact with food, plastics and the petrochemicals they contain can actually be harmful to a customer’s health.

Plastics that are irresponsibly discarded are often mistaken for food by animals, especially when they have food residue on them. This can cause animals on land and water to choke to death or have their ability to digest food severely compromised. The petrochemicals in the increasing amount of non-recycled plastics floating around in the environment make them a threat to entire ecosystems.

What Kind of Sustainable Packaging Options Are Available?

Whether selling baked treats, clothing, fruits and vegetables, meats, cosmetics, or any other item, responsible and sustainable packaging options will be available for a business. When people think about greener packaging options, they usually envision brown, recycled paper bags and boxes, but responsible packaging options are far from limited. Instead, think of classy shopping bags, traditional Chinese food take-out containers, fry trays, or donut boxes proudly displaying your brand’s logo.

What about containers for drinks and other wet items? A lot of businesses use plastics, hoping that a customer will remember to recycle them. Even if a customer does remember, energy and resources will be required to melt the plastic down and produce new items. Luckily, where plastic is thought to be necessary, there are biodegradable, compostable and durable options, such as these compostable waterproof food containers are made from plant sugars.

Choosing eco-friendly containers for your business is a smart move for several reasons; so take the step to make your business more appealing and environmentally conscious today.