3 Stylish Accessories to Revamp Your Tired Bathroom

Do you ever look around your dank bathroom and wish you were somewhere else?

Rather than shivering under a shower that’s akin to being dribbled on by a polar bear, you long to wash away the dirt of the day in the luxurious embrace of a health resort or desert getaway.

But there’s a teensy weensy problem.

Aside from the obvious impracticalities of hotfooting it to a health resort and bathing elsewhere on a daily basis, these opulent spas often spend a small fortune making sure their facilities are top of the line …

… and that’s cash your moth-eaten bank balance can barely afford to splurge on a major league bathroom remodel.

However, there are a surprising number of ways to accessorise and transform your tired space from shabby to chic without spending the equivalent of a small country’s GDP.

Here’s how …

Stylish Bath Mats

Gone are the days when the only mat worth having was the one outside your front door, as lavish bath mats are becoming an increasingly important component when revamping a tired bathroom on a shoestring budget, while keeping the environment in mind.

Available in a wide range of colours and designs, all manufactured to ensure a slip-free environment in the bathroom, a top-quality bath mat should be one of the first purchases when attempting to recreate the luxury look and feel of your favourite spa.

Heated Chrome Towel Rail

Rather than chucking your towel on the floor in a fit of the bathroom blues, take a step closer to revamping your space with a heated chrome towel rail. It may not sound like much, but the chrome finish and inherent warmth will combine to lift your spirits.

Not only that, but a cold bathroom strewn with discarded towels will do little to change your desire to run away to a health spa, so make sure you spend your cash wisely and purchase an item that’s aesthetically pleasing AND practical.

An Assortment of Bottles

Women will love this and men will, well, hate it, but by replacing your run of the mill shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles with an assortment of pretty glass alternatives, it’ll instantly inject some much needed va-va-voom into your tired bathroom.

Aside from looking good, these bottles – you’ve probably set eyes on them in every health resort you’ve ever been to – are designed with the practical in mind, as most are replete with hand pumps to ensure easy access to the payload inside.

Now it’s over to you …

Do you have some other ways our readers can accessorise their bathrooms without breaking the bank? Please let us know by adding a comment below – we’d love to read your thoughts.