5 Great Advantages Of Buying Reclaimed Retro Furniture

While it can feel good to purchase brand new furniture for your home, it could be that you are wasting money.  In comparison though, purchasing reclaimed retro furniture could not only save you money, but help you to achieve a unique and more homely look and feel to your home than a new piece of furniture.

Perhaps you are undecided about whether reclaimed and recycled furniture is really for you.  We have taken that into consideration and put together a list of the reasons why we think you should seriously consider purchasing recycled and reclaimed furniture rather than brand new pieces.

Money Saver

As was hinted at the outset,brand new furniture is often rather expensive.  Walk in to any high street retailer and you will be surprised at how much new furniture costs these days.  This is why recycled and reclaimed retro furniture may be the best choice for refurnishing and redecorating your home, as you can find pieces with lots of character and life for a fraction of the price of something brand new.


Along with saving you money, by choosing recycled furniture, you you are actually helping the environment.  Obviously for brand new furniture to be made, wood needs to taken by destroying trees.  The world is already suffering from the effects of climate change and the dwindling tree population does not help this.  By buying recycled furniture though, you are helping to lower the demand for more trees to be cut down and also helping to reduce landfill size by using a piece that ordinarily may have ended up there.

Gives Your Home A Unique Look And Feel

While it is quite nice to buy brand new furniture, if you buy it from one of the big chains not only is it likely to be very expensive, but it will also lack that unique look and feel.  When you choose reclaimed and recycled/upcycled furniture however, you know that it in all probability that is a complete one off and no-one else will have exactly the same piece of furniture.

Money To Spend On Other Things

By saving money buying a piece of furniture made from reclaimed materials it allows you to spend money on the things that you  probably don’t want to buy second hand.  Having that extra bit of money could mean you could buy a better quality carpet or the accessories and extras you have always wanted or something completely different.  If you are trying to redecorate and refurnish your home, but would like to go on holiday; buying this kind of furniture would help allow you to put more money away for your holiday.

Guaranteed High Quality Furniture

It makes sense that companies that use reclaimed furniture to make new pieces would only use the materials if they were of sound quality.  Therefore, you know when you part with your hard earned cash for reclaimed furniture you know you are buying something that is good condition and will stand the test of time.