Save in Style: 8 Water-Saving Gadgets For Any Home

If you like your eco-technology, we’ve got great solutions for your water-saving woes; there are some great gadgets that can take your green-ness to the next level. As the infographic below demonstrates, water is being consumed at staggering rates across the world, but small changes like this can make a real difference.

Which country in the world uses the most water?

Wheelie Bin Water Butt

If you have a spare wheelie bin that has outlived its initial purpose, it’s simple to convert this into a great water butt to make the most of that prolific British rain. Of course, you can also stick to a traditional water butt; you can sometimes find them on Once you’re all set, you can use this water on your garden to keep it green without wasting water.

A Water Cylinder

Since their arrival in ‘86, unvented water cylinders have gained popularity throughout the UK. Because the sealed cylinder gets its water pressure from the cold water mains, it doesn’t require a pump.

The Hippo

The Hippo is so easy to use and makes an immediate impact on your water usage. If you had a toilet fitted before 2001, it’s likely that it uses as much as three litres more water per flush than modern toilets – this really adds up. The Hippo goes in the cistern, where you can basically forget about it, while it stops unnecessary water from being wasted.


PulseEco’s showerheads pulse rapidly, conserving more water than a constant stream. Pulsing at 30-40 times a second, you won’t even notice a difference. You should still feel like you are enjoying the same high pressure technology, while conserving water.

Eco Showerdrop

Although timing your shower can give you a good idea of how much water you’re using, every shower is different, and your water flow or pressure may be above average. Eco Showerdrop monitors exactly how much water you’re using and will tell you when it’s time to hop out.

Tap Inserts

Converting tap water into an aerated spray, these tap inserts are perfect for areas where you don’t need a heavy flow. By fitting one of these simple and cheap nozzles, you can save approximately 70% of water. It’s easy to fit and remove, so you can go about your cleaning as usual.


Surprisingly, overwatering kills more plants than underwatering, so keeping your plants healthy and saving water goes hand-in-hand. Waterstick lets you know the moistness of the soil, so you can tell when it’s time to water your plants.


Toddlers and babies really don’t need to use the bath at maximum capacity (unless you’re trying to hose off several mischief-makers at once) – bath tubs are made for adult-sized people! With Babydam, you can section off your bath and reduce water wastage dramatically. If you have a baby, this means no need for sink baths anymore! Babydam fits neatly into your tub, and can be adjusted, as per your requirements.