5 Nifty Bedroom Storage Ideas

Stick it under the bed

A king size bed on average takes up about 42 square feet of space, that’s a lot of extra possible storage under your bed. Measure the width and height of space under the bed and then go and get containers which will fit under there easily. The ideal containers would easily glide out and open at each side, so that you have easy access to items regardless of what side of the bed you are on. When using solutions like this it is important to clean regularly to keep items in tip top condition.

Maximise Your Closet

This requires careful planning, such as figuring out how much vertical space you will need for items such as dresses and suits. If the majority of your clothes reach only a few feet then you can hang two sets of rods, one high up and one about 40 inches from the floor. This way you can fit twice as many clothes in that space.
Think vertically – create shelving on the walls

You could increase your wardrobe space by adding a few non load bearing walls to a wall that isn’t being used. This will not only increase your wardrobe but enable you to use space more efficiently.

Hanging storage bags for kids rooms

Kids storage bags are a cheap and efficient way to declutter your child’s room. They come in a variety of sizes which can deal with the messiest of rooms. They are made from solid material which means they can deal with clothes, shoes, toys and beyond all in the one place. Most come with plastic on the inside which makes them very easy to clean. It tends to be easier for children when cleaning up if they only have to place stuff into bags as opposed to dealing with hangers. It can also double as a fun learning process, if you label certain bags for specific items it could teach the child organizational skills.

Beds that double as storage

There are an abundance of beds on the market which offer built in storage which allows beds to use space in a more efficient manner. These are suited to small homes and apartments where there tends to be a lack of space. You can also maximise your space by looking for a bed which will also include headboard storage.

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