4 Ways to Make Better Use of Home Space

Even if we only live in a small or modest property, there can be areas of our house that we barely use. Using space effectively and economically can make any room feel larger and less cluttered. Applying the same principle to the whole house can make it feel like you have the benefits of a house move without the hassle! When you’re trying to live a greener lifestyle, it’s likely that you’ll also want to de-clutter and become more energy efficient. Becoming eco-friendly can downsize some areas of our home, but seem to require more space in others. We may find we have more space in the kitchen now that we shop carefully and waste less, for example. But we may have less room in the garden since we started composting! Read on for our five easy and effective tips to make the very best use of your space.

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Onwards and Upwards!

Many homes find that they are not making enough of the height of their rooms. Storage space can be limited if we are only using conventional drawers and cabinets. Consider getting more creative. Creating hanging spaces for items you may not have thought of. Not only can you store clothes in tall cabinets, but you can create mounts to hang mugs from, or hooks to hang shoes rather than cluttering the floor. Adding floor space to a room by storing upwards rather than outwards can change a room’s appearance.

Tidy Less, More Often

If your bin removal and composting schedule allows, it can be a space saver to tidy less vigorously but more often. Instead of a top-to-bottom room clean on a Sunday afternoon, for example, try setting ten minutes aside each day for each room. Not only is this a less exhausting process overall but it can stop things from becoming overwhelming. If you have the chance to nip any problems or clutter in the bud before they truly arise, you’ll feel clear and in control.

Use Every Room

Most of us don’t have the luxury of living in a houses with so many rooms that we forget one! But that doesn’t mean that we are definitely making the best use of available space. One of the most commonly underused areas is our garage. Usually the dying ground of used paint cans, rusted tools, or bikes that the children have outgrown. One of the reasons many people don’t spend time in them is often because they are uncommonly cold and dark. With a bit of creative lighting and a comfortable chair or too, you can add to the value of the room. Investing in the walls or durable aluminium garage doors, for example, can also make the space significantly warmer.

The Perils of “Storage” Space

With busy lives, work, and family commitments it can be easy to want convenient solutions. There is often a room or area in our home that is less attractive than the others that has become referred to as a “storage space”. There’s nothing wrong with that. Storage spaces can be of value. But often what we really mean is that it is a giant bin! We hurl used or broken items in there to be dealt with later and never return. There may be some useful hidden gems amongst the chaos too. Ensure that every bit of space in the house is being used effectively. Don’t be tempted to toss items aside without genuinely questioning, if they are of value, if they are repairable, and if it’s going to get done.

With some creative thinking and ruthless organising, we can have a home in which it’s a pleasure to live! There have been an increasing number of studies that link clutter to feelings of worry, claustrophobia and stress. It’s not difficult to see why. We are less likely to organise things correctly and effectively when we’re tired or stressed. But then, not being tidy makes the situation worse. It becomes a vicious cycle. The thought of tidying out an entire house can be daunting. Even rearranging a single room can seem too time-consuming for our daily routine. Getting things done quickly is not important, but beginning them is. Start slowly and simply work within your own personal constraints. Don’t be concerned if even a small area takes time to sort and organise. Each day make a little more progress, even if it is small. The overall feeling of clarity and accomplishment when you tick one more thing off the list will be worth it!

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