Best Tips For An Eco-Friendly Extension

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In the modern day, many people are concerned with the environment. At least you are, that’s why you’re on this blog, right? If you’re thinking of building a house extension, you might be worried about the ecological consequences. Fortunately, being green doesn’t mean giving up on that extra space you’ve been thinking of. Here are some helpful pointers for keeping your project as green as possible.

The first thing you need to consider is finding a green contractor. These can be a little hard to track down, but believe me they’re out there! Ideally, you’ll want a firm that sells themselves as eco-friendly, and specialise in green home designs. Do a thorough search of your local area, and call a few contractors to get an idea of a quote. Green contractors can be a little pricey, but isn’t it worth it to save the planet you live on? If you can’t find a specialised green contractor, then start liaising with regular ones. Even if they don’t advertise it, it’s possible to find construction companies who follow green conventions. Your main concern should be the equipment they use, and how energy efficient it is.

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Once you’ve found the contractors you want to hire, talk to them to find out the materials they’ll need. Your eyes might pop out of your head when you see the sheer amount needed for a room extension! As long as the list might be, work through it and research the most eco-friendly decisions you can make. There’s likely to be a lot of wood involved, so call some local timber merchants and ask if they buy from sustainable sources. Start browsing for insulation that’s made in a green way too. The best materials for this are hemp, lamb’s wool and recycled newspaper. If your budgeting can take it, you might want to consider a green roof or some solar panels. These days, the industry for sustainable materials is huge, so get out there and have a look!

When you have the base construction materials, make sure you’re making green choices in all that’s left over. You’d be surprised at the options available to you! For example, when you’re selecting the windows you want, consider triple instead of double glazing. This will ensure you’re not using too much energy in order to heat the new bit of your home. There are a lot of door frames which contain lead-based additives, which can be monstrously harmful for the planet. Instead, look for a company that use zinc-based compounds. These are less harmful when they deteriorate. You should also be using eco-friendly lightbulbs, which will make your home more energy efficient. It can take some time finding a green choice in everything, but it’s far from impossible!

Apply these tips for your extension, and you’ll be able to relax in it with a clear conscience. True, some eco-friendly decisions are costly, and can sacrifice some degree of quality. When you boil it all down though, being green is far more important than these factors.

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