Top 4 Heritage Buildings in Kings Cross

King Cross is blessed with a rich historical background. Thanks to the recent initiatives taken for the development of the region, many heritage buildings of the region have been innovatively restored. If you love to explore historical buildings, you will find many places of interest in Kings Cross. Other tourist attractions in this region include British Museum, British Library, London Zoo, and Regents Park. Overall, Kings Cross is a complete family vacation destination that provides something for tourists of every taste.

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Four Must-See Historical Buildings in Kings Cross

There are many heritage buildings to explore in Kings Cross. It is not easy to make a top list. However, history buffs should not miss the following four options, at least.

German Gymnasium – Located close to St Pancras station, the German Gymnasium was the first gymnasium built in England. Designed by Edward A Gruning, the gymnasium was built in 1864-65 for the German Gymnastics Society. The venue was used by National Olympian Association in 1866.

Midland Goods Shed – Built in 1850 by the Great Northern Railway, Midland Goods Shed served as an alternative passenger terminal when Kings Cross station was under construction. After the construction was completed, a three story annex was added to the Midland Goods Shed and it was being used a goods shed. Now the building is being renovated. Offices and shops are being made, adding an extra floor in the warehouse.

Kings Cross Station – Designed by famous architect Lewis Cubitt, the station was opened in 1852 with only two platforms. It was initially started in the Midland Goods Shed in 1950. It was only the London hub of the Great Northern Railway at that time. It is said that George Turnbull constructed the first 20 miles of the Great Northern Railway out of London. Later, Cubitt created a detailed design of the station. Although the station has changed a lot over the years, you should not miss to visit it during your London tour.

The Stanley Buildings – This historical building was built by the Improved Industrial Dwellings Company in 1864-65. The purpose was to provide quality accommodation for the workers. It originally consisted of 5 blocks. This building was made of concrete to reduce the risk of fire.

If you are planning to explore these heritage buildings, you should stay at a hotel in Kings Cross. This keeps you very close to all these attractions. You can literally walk up to these places. If you come with your family, you can also visit Camden market and theatre land for a complete travel experience.

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