Choosing Nursing Homes for People Suffering from Dementia

There comes a time in everyone’s lives when their parents grow too old to take care of themselves and need constant monitoring and assistance. The situation could get worse, if your parents suffer from Dementia. It becomes difficult to constantly guide and remind them of the most basic things, as they tend to forget almost everything. One good idea would be to get them admitted into Dementia Nursing Home. If you live anywhere around Crawley or Horsham, you will easily find a Crawley Nursing Home and Dementia Nursing Homes in Horsham.

Dementia is a medical condition that affects the brain significantly and often results in partial or complete loss of memory. There are three stages of dementia and the condition keeps worsening as the stages progress. The first two stages only affect the mind but the last stage takes a heavy toll on both the mind and body. If you are unable to take care of each and every need of your parents, it is essential that you move them to the nearest nursing home where they will be provided 24 hour assistance.

Failure to do so may result in any of the following situations:

  • Impaired Verbal Communication
  • Bathing or Hygiene Self-Care Deficit
  •  Risk for Injury
  • Impaired Social Interaction
  •  Risk for Violence: Self-directed or Other-directed

Each of the above situations can also be treated as symptoms and indicate the need to get your parents admitted for special care. Among the various Crawley Nursing Homes that you can choose from it is recommended to make an informed decision and pick an acclaimed center like Ashton Grange Nursing Homes in Horsham.

Thing You Need To Consider Before Admitting You Parents

Dementia results in the steady decline of memory, reasoning and mental abilities and restricts the smooth functioning of everyday activities. It is essential that you consider a number of things before enrolling your parents into a Nursing facility. Here are a few vital things to consider.

  • First Impression: The first impression of the nursing center can give you important clues regarding how the residents are treated and how the place is run.
  • Residents: Pay close attention to the patients already admitted there. If they seem happy and cheerful and greet you with a smile, it could be an indication that it is a good place to stay.
  • Bedrooms: Find out important details, such as, whether they provide independent rooms or shared accommodation, whether the rooms are spacious, whether your parents will be allowed to bring in their belongings.
  • Toilets: Getting quick access to a toilet is important for patients suffering from dementia. The toilet should either be attached to the room or located very close. Staff should be available round the clock to assist the elderly persons, with a smiling face.
  • Meals and Activities: Have a look at the kitchen and inquire if they provide special diets to the residents. Apart from providing healthy foods, the nursing home should conduct a number of activities to keep the residents involved, engaged and happy.
  • Visiting hours: Find out how often family members are allowed to pay a visit and when. Visit your parents often as living in a new home at an old age can make them feel alone and isolated. They will miss you often, so pay regular visits and keep them happy.

There are a number of Dementia Nursing Homes in Horsham to choose from. Make sure that you can choose one that offers treatment in a relaxed and homely environment


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