Take Care of Your Aging Parents


“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”
~ Tia Walker

Sooner or later we all get the opportunity to play care giver to the very people who cared for us during our developmental years. The only problem is that the role of a care giver can be difficult at times and knowing what to expect always helps. Here’s a look at some things that can help ease this process for you. Your best partner in this process could be one of the more reputed nursing care homes in your local area.

Some Basic Things to Keep in Mind

Whether you personally take care of your aged parents or opt for supervised care one of the East Sussex nursing homes run by qualified and experienced staff, such as Avalon Nursing Home, you should take care of the following things:

  • Where should they live?

Aged parents might want to stay in the home they have been living in for so long because it is a comfortable and familiar environment. Their friends might be close by too. So, the first thing to do is to assess the needs of the elderly and whether staying at home is the best option as they grow older and whether this option gives you peace of mind regarding their well being. You could do some things to make the home elderly friendly, so that while they are able to take care of their own needs, they need not be moved out.

In some cultures, aging parents live with their offspring and vice versa. However, if this is not an option and if you feel that it isn’t safe for aging parents to live alone at home, consider contacting nursing care homes in Eastbourne that offer home-like stay.

  • Financial Responsibility

Getting old is an expensive affair. Sometimes, the savings of our parents might not be enough to take care of all the medical expenses. It can be frustrating for the elderly to realize that the hard work they did all their life is not enough to meet their financial needs in old age. Therefore, helping them plan their finances could be one way that you make life easier for them. There are income sources, assets, insurance policies and more to consider here.

  • Getting Help from Supervised Care

For aged parents who need supervised care, a nursing home is the best option. This becomes even more important when there are age-related chronic diseases to deal with. Nursing home care in Eastbourne can take care of the mental, physical and psychosocial well being of the elderly. Thank god East Sussex residents have a place they can completely trust for their parents.

Loving Care for Your Parents

Now that your roles are reversed and you need to be the responsible one, here are some things you should be sensitive about:

  • Use statements that are nonjudgmental. Do not say things such as “how can you not remember that” or “you already told me that.” ‘Reframe, don’t blame’ should be your motto when conversing with the elderly.
  • Listen carefully to what they have to say.
  • If you find your parents changing the subject or refusing to discuss something, leave it there and talk about it at a later time.

It might be a good idea to research and keep information handy about East Sussex nursing homes, just in case a time arrives when you would like to use their services.

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