Could electric heating be as competitive as gas?

When working out gas central heating expenses be mindful of the labour fees of laying pipes, purchasing of radiators and a boiler. Ordinarily the cost for installing a WET system into a property that hasn’t previously had it is around £3200. Further costs of flushing the boiler estimates at £430, yearly boiler servicing fees come in at £60 without factoring in repair charges which ordinarily come in at £200. Don’t forget the mess involved when installing WET central heating and the blemished decoration to your properly!

Lower Upfront Costs

When opting for an electric heating system you’ll discover that the initial investment is much lower and retain the added bonus of zero servicing. Expenses are minimal compared with gas, they comprise of just the radiator unit and zero tradesman fees to account for. With primary DIY understanding electric radiators are plain sailing to install. Merely screw the brackets to your designated wall hang the radiator unit and plug into an everyday 13amp plug socket. Of course if you would like to install one into your bathroom I’d recommend using a professional as they would need to be hardwired into you mains for obvious reasons.!

Is electric heating really as inexpensive as gas? The simple answer is yes especially when considering installation expenses and decorative patch ups. Remember that gas boilers are much less economical that electric heating. For example an advanced electric heater will turn precisely 1 kWh of electricity into 1 unit of heat, this is due to their 100% efficiency. Only the precise amount of electricity consumed is turned into heat, there is no wastage. Boilers will run at just 85% efficiency which over a monthly bill you’ll immediately notice a difference!

Servicing Your Heater

In all you should also account for servicing expenses in addition to increasing gas prices. Once these have been added the concept becomes cloudy. Through utilizing energy efficient electric radiators that have become immensely economical due to a forward step in technology enables you to truly take control. They are packed with ultra forward digital thermostats and specific on board program management. By taking advantage of programming your electric radiator to flick on at specific times and temperatures throughout the day around your schedule you will notice the energy savings almost immediately. It makes sense, you have entire control over your heating, doing away with waste allowing you instant heat precisely when you need it the most. Advancements in technology may now mean that you require a wattage output which is far less than your old out dated storage heater or similar. This is because of the technology used is so efficient it requires much less energy to perform the same and if not better heat distribution.

Through a quick observation the price of gas may appear to be the obvious low cost choice to make. However things have moved on in 2015 and you will now discover that one of the most beneficial heating systems within the market place is of course electric heating. This doesn’t mean to say that every electric heater on the market is the same. Be sure to look out for units making use of a dry thermal technology with 24/7 programming capabilities.