3 Shocking Facts About Winter Home Preparation

Tips for getting ready for the winter!

The damage caused to homes during the winter months costs us millions each and every year. There are many things people can do to limit the chances of their property seeing negative effects, but most of them simply ignore the issue. We’re created a stunning infographic that explains everything in a little more detail. However, there are a few shocking facts here that you will want to read first. It’s so important that you make preparations when the cold months are approaching, and we’re just trying to help you out.

One in eight homeowners will be affected the weather this year

While that figure might sound a little high, research shows that as many as one in eight homeowners will have to spend money due to weather damage over the next twelve months. That should help to highlight why it is so vital that you think ahead.

Half of homeowners will take no precautions to help limit the damage

Again, it’s pretty amazing that only half of homeowners will try to limit the chances of their properties being damaged. That is a figure we hope to increase considerably with this infographic campaign.

Insurance companies pay over $3,900,000,000 per year to cover hail damage

Hail is one of the main causes of weather damage to residential properties. With payouts as high as that, no wonder bosses at those firms want to change attitudes. While there is no way of altering the weather, there are many ways in which you can reduce your exposure to huge repair costs.

Winter home preparation infographic.

Infographic Source ironriverco.com