Dangers that lurk in your Home with Water Damage

It is ironic that water is a giver of all life on this planet Earth, yet it is one of the greatest takers of lives throughout history. Catastrophic floods and Tsunami’s of-course account for most of this destruction however, water damage has a much more subtle way of manifesting it’s self. For the home, or any other building for that matter, water can be enemy number one. From the foundation to the top of the roof, water is constantly at work trying to penetrate its defenses.

When a leak develops in the roof this is the fastest way to sustain damage, and the most obvious. It rots the framing, ruins insulation and dry wall and costs thousands of dollars to repair. Even more sinister is when water seeps underneath a concrete foundation and causes uneven settling until the structure fails and cracks apart. This can lead to a total loss of the house. These are extreme examples of water damage but, they are common place in every community. Sometimes water in the form of humidity can pose just as much of a threat without the homeowner even being aware of it. Dangerous mold spores can be lurking sight unseen and can be the cause of many different health issues and, can even be life threatening. Mold can ruin carpets and furnishings and grow out of control right on the walls.

Throughout the world the lack of safe drinking water still kills thousands of people every year. Infectious diseases thrive in water and unfortunate people have no choice but to drink it. Coastal cities are at great risk from tidal surges during hurricanes and this kind of water damage kills and destroys. Low lying coastal communities that are also in tropical or sub-tropical regions face a multitude of water damage threats. For example, water damage can come from Hurricanes, river flooding, or the high humidity spawning mold spores. It might come in the form of dangerous insects that breed in the stagnate canals that run through the region. Geographical location will greatly determine the type and cause of water damage one can expect. We must educate ourselves on the best ways to keep this destruction to a minimal.

The water is going to keep coming, that is a given, its how we are going to prepare for it that can be the difference between life of death. Water damage should never be underestimated in the devastation it can cause to the individual or an entire city. The power of water is an awesome force of nature and one thing is certain, we cannot live without it, and very carefully we must live with it.