What Are The Benefits Of Using Bidets

Bidets have never really caught on in Britain in the same way they have in the rest of Europe, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Being cleaned with a stream of water instead of using toilet paper presents several advantages which are clearly being recognised across the country.

More Hygienic

Water is far more effective at cleaning you than toilet paper. For a start, the risk of bacteria germinating is greatly reduced when you use a bidet, since toilet paper can actually help spread it across the area instead of cleaning it away. It’s also an automated operation which requires no input from you, meaning that you’re free from the risk of contaminating your own hands. This can lead easily to illness, and isn’t exactly the nicest thing to have to worry about.


People across the globe are becoming more conscious of the way in which their lifestyle choices impacts the environment, and this has caused a renewed interest in bidets from countries which previously eschewed them. Bidets are far more eco-friendly because they eliminate the need for toilet paper by using just a small amount of water. The average Briton flushes around 39 lbs of toilet paper each year. Given our population of over 60 million, switching to bidets could drastically help the planet.

More Comfortable

Not only are bidets better to use, they’re also nicer to use. Toilet paper, however well padded, is always abrasive – that’s how it does its job. This can lead to irritation for certain individuals, such as the elderly or those who have recently given birth. Even healthy people can be irritated by using toilet paper, since its residue often causes uncomfortable itching. On the other hand, bidets are noticeably more soothing, and you can often change the pressure, temperature, or direction of the water flow.

Bidets are easy to use, ultra-hygienic, and far more eco-friendly than toilet paper, so there’s no reason not to pick one up for your bathroom. Previously considered something of an oddity in the United Kingdom, bidets are clearly the way of the future.