Dress for Success!

Have you just graduated from college and landed your first professional position? Congratulations to you on a great accomplishment. It’s now time to ditch the sweat pants and flannels from our life on campus and start dressing for success. If you want to be taken seriously in the workplace, you need to dress the part.  Professional dress does not have to be boring or lack personality. You can certainly develop your own style provided you follow these critical rules established by professional stylists for the workplace.

The key is to make quality choices over quantity. It’s actually less expensive in the long run to purchase a well-constructed sports coat that will last for years than to buy multiple ill-fitting jackets. Stick with the basics when building a professional wardrobe and be prepared to take care of them. A dark, classic jacket and well-tailored trousers will anchor your business attire. Add dress shirts and muted ties to the mix. Forget the college trick of just ironing the front of your shirt and instead, take care to iron the entire garment. There’s nothing worse than taking your jacket off and exposing a wrinkled mess. Invest in quality hangers for both your jacket and trousers.

Finally, take some of your graduation money or a short term loan from your parents and purchase a high quality pair of shoes. A quality pair of shoes should last several years. Keep them polished and prepare to replace the soles at least once a year. They will be worth the investment. Ditch your ratty backpack and consider a professional backpack or briefcase that’s large enough to accommodate a laptop and any necessary electronics. You’ll soon be on your way to looking the part of a true professional. Remember, the most important thing to wear to the office every day is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Best of luck to you in your new career!

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