Taking Care of Your Wardrobe When You Move Home

When you are looking to move home, the trick of keeping the stress levels at a minimum is to plan ahead. No matter how big your house or apartment is, with a little bit of planning you can keep the stress levels at bay and also help to decrease the overall amount of work that comes with moving home.

We tend to keep a lot more intimate personal belongings in our bedrooms, which includes what we wear. You can pack all of your clothes into boxes or suitcases, but when you unpack them at your destination, they will be full of creases. This will mean you will have to iron all of your clothes when you arrive at your new home, which can be an additional burden when you are trying to settle a new home. There is an easier way to move your wardrobe to ensure that your clothes have as few wrinkles as possible!

Wardrobe Removal Boxes

The wardrobe removal box is in essence a small wardrobe made from cardboard. The reinforced corrugated cardboard has holes at the top of the box on two sides, centrally located. This allows for a light metal bar to be inserted at the top which acts as the hanging rail. Then, just as with a conventional wardrobe, you hang your clothes in the boxes making sure that they will not crease when being transported.

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There are usually two sizes of wardrobe removal boxes available, a smaller size which is convenient to T-Shirts and Shirts, then a larger size which is better for dresses, suits and pants. As well as helping to prevent creasing, your clothes will be fully protected as you can seal the box preventing your clothes from becoming dirty or absorbing smells whilst in transit. Planning your move could not be any easier!

Sizing Up Your Bedroom

You are going to have to work out for each room of your home how many boxes you are going to require. With your bedroom, you are also going to have to take into account how many clothes you have when deciding on how many wardrobe removal boxes you need.

There will be certain clothes which you can transport easily in a suitcase or bag, such as underwear. There are also clothes which you could put into a box, so you are going to have to work out how many boxes and what sizes you are going to need.

One alternative is that you can also purchase a moving pack to pack up the contents of your home. These come in various sizes and have all of the materials that you will need to pack your belongings up securely. These usually do not include your wardrobe removal boxes, so these will have to be ordered additionally.

Finding Great Value Moving Boxes

You can find plenty of cheap moving boxes by doing a quick search in the internet. Many companies offer moving packs for sale, which have all of the things that you will need to pack up your home.

  • Cardboard Boxes of Various Sizes
  • Tea Chest Boxes
  • Wine Boxes
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Marker Pens

By purchasing one of the various sized packs that are available and also purchasing wardrobe removal boxes, you will then be ready to start packing up your home. The quicker your star, the easier the move will be. Where possible try and pack in advance as much as you can. Out of season clothes that you will not wear can be packed ahead of the day of your move. This will give you less to do on the day of your move, and can also help to relieve any potential stress, which can only be a good thing!