Great Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles

If you are planning on remodeling or redecorating your bathroom, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of choice when it comes to tile flooring.  However, it needn’t be too stressful a job, as long as you buy durable materials and follow the 4 tips below.

Bathroom Size Will Dictate Tile Size

Way before you make the decision of which size of tiles for bathroom flooring you are going to choose, you need to look at the size of your bathroom.  Therefore, you need to measure your bathroom.  If your bathroom is particularly small, larger tiles will dwarf it and make it feel even smaller.  To save you some bother though, it is always worth considering small or medium sized tiles as they will work well in the majority of bathrooms, big and small.

Consider Moisture And Hygiene Issues

As bathrooms are very wet and damp places, you need to be careful that the materials you choose are suitable.  Although some materials are water-resistant and will cope well with the levels of moisture.  However, just because materials are water-resistant, doesn’t mean they are waterproof.  You need to also remember that germs can quickly grow and spread on specific kinds of materials if they are not maintained properly.

Consider Maintenance Involved With Materials

When choosing the materials you want to use in your bathroom, you need to think about the amount of maintenance involved.  Some materials require next to no maintenance; while other materials require a considerably more.  For example, natural stone will give your bathroom a very classy and sophisticated look and feel;  However, natural stone tiles will need more maintenance and care, such as cleaning and resealing.

Choose Tiling That Fits In With The Overall Comfort Of Your Bathroom

Comfort may be the last thing you think of when deciding on the tiles for your bathroom, but it is something you should consider carefully.  Bathrooms are and should be seen as places of tranquillity and escape from the daily grind.  It is also worth considering that porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles can be very cold to walk and stand on.  It would be a shame to choose tiles, install them and then find that the flooring is far too cold and that you could have thought things out a bit better.

The Price And Your Available Budget

Whether you like it or not, whether you have a lot of money that you can use to finance your renovation work or not; money and the price of your flooring is something you should give a lot of thought to.  Once you figure out your budget and work out if it’s reasonable or not, you then obviously have to find tiling that falls within the budget.  A major mistake that many people make during a renovation project is that they don’t set a budget and then stick to it.  They float their money here, there and everywhere and it can mean that they lose out if you don’t keep tight reigns on your spending.

The great thing is that nowadays there is really no excuse to finding good quality, hygienic and well-made tiles as they are available in a number of different pricing options.

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