How to get your life ready for spring

It’s April now, and the sun has finally started to once again play a regular role in our lives. What better time to get your life spring-ready? While you have probably already packed away your thick winter coats, there’s much more to getting ready for the warmer days than just hiding your woolies until next winter. Take a look at these tips and tricks to make sure your home, beauty routine, and wardrobe are all ready for the sunshine.

Get your home shining

Get rid of the winter within your home step-by-step following some of these cleaning tips and tricks to make your living space spring ready. If you’re a total novice when it comes to a deep clean, consider checking out some cleaning tips online for the heavy jobs – you’ll find these tasks much easier once you know the best way to tackle them.

  1. Don’t try and tackle too much at once – chances are, these cold last months have taken a toll on your home, and if you attempt to clean everything at once, you might easily feel overwhelmed.
  2. Get rid of any items you don’t need anymore to clear the air and make space for new ones. Either put them in storage until next winter, or donate them to a charity shop if you are unlikely to wear them again.
  3. Move from one room to the next, and make sure you have everything you might need handy. You might not feel particularly glamourous carrying a brush, mop and cleaners with you, but the better prepared you are, the less time it’ll take to get your house looking lovely.
  4. While you might not be an interior designer, sometimes it doesn’t take more than a few flowers to brighten up a room– some gorgeous tulips on the living room table bring a little spring sunshine into your home.

The sun brightly shining through a clean window.

Get your beauty routine ready for spring

In winter, your skin will be extra sensitive, as it copes with dry air and artificial heat – it’s easy and convenient to just stick with what you know to avoid a flare up. But in spring, when your skin starts taking in more sunshine and you spend more time outside in the fresh air, you might want to try out some new things. Get rid of old make-up that you don’t use anymore, and let your skin breathe. Why not try a mineral powder for a little while, instead of your usual liquid foundation? Spring is also an ideal time to experiment with colours – orange and pink look great on lips and cheeks alike.

Clean out your wardrobe – and add some new pieces, too

Spring is a great time to invest in a few new pieces, as well as figure out what you haven’t worn in ages and don’t want anymore. Everyone has pieces like that – and while you might regret the buy, that dress might look great on a friend. Organise a clothes swap, where everyone can bring along items they don’t need or want anymore, and hopefully go home with a few new pieces and a smile on their face. April is also a great time to experiment with the new spring trends. You might look great in wide-legged trousers and not even know it, or look amazing in the new go-to skirt length – longer than a midi skirt, but not quite at maxi length, they look especially nice in a light, bright fabric.

So there you have it – a fresh and bright home, face and wardrobe, ready to make the most of the spring season. Give it a try!