Keeping Your Home Safe And Secure


Making a house a home is very important. However, once that is done, you need to make sure that home is safe. There are a number of ways to do just that. Read on for some ideas to suit every budget, from the super cheap to the sensible investment.

Remember that double glazing isn’t just for warmth

Double-glazing, while not cheap, is fantastic for keeping the house warm. This will help keep bills down, and will also block more noise, but there is another benefit. This is something that is often overlooked. Double glazed windows are harder to smash through than single glazed windows. This will act as a real deterrent for would-be burglars. With all three benefits in mind, suddenly making such an investment doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea.

Maintain your smoke alarms

The statistics on deaths and injuries from house fires and both shocking and saddening. However, it’s not just home that don’t have smoke alarms that these stats apply too. In many cases, there was a smoke alarm installed. It just hadn’t been maintained, and the batteries had run out. Checking these alarms doesn’t even take long. Most just have a little button on the casing that you need to press. If it tends to slip your mind, pop it in your diary for the same day every month. Get into the habit of checking it regularly. It only takes a few seconds. Then you can sleep soundly knowing the little guy is taking watch.

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Install a driveway alarm

Standing at the front line of the battle to protect your home! Sounds good, right? When it comes to buying driveway alarms, find a make that is wireless. It should also have a good reception range. You’ll also want to go for one that is easy to install if you’ll be getting it working yourself. You might be surprised about the range on offer. You can get some that come disguised as hosepipes. There are also others suitable for those who are hearing impaired.

Fake security measures if necessary

If you can’t afford security technology, fake it! Burglars may not even know the difference. Fit fake security cameras on the outside of your house. Stick home security decals or stickers onto windows, where they will be clearly visible. And don’t turn your nose up at ‘Beware of the dog’ signs. Consider this. If there are ten houses on a street, and you think there is even the smallest chance one might have a guard dog, what do you do. Leave that house alone!

Upgrade your locks

When it comes to upgrading your locks, there are several things to ensure. Go with a reputable brand that you know you can trust. This is no time for cutting corners. Make sure that their locks pass of all the safety standards, and has good ratings. Or, take things a little further with an electronic lock. These work in the same way that a safe door does. Tap in a memorable code for entry to your home. Now that you’re all safe and sound, check out this next post on ways to relax and have fun in your home:

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