Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: The Ultimate Guide

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It is our duty to do what we can for the environment. As a species, humanity has destroyed much of the natural world. It is time to start undoing the problems we have caused and giving back to the planet. You might think that you’re doing your bit by recycling, and you are, but you can always do more. What is stopping you from taking things one step further?

There are a few simple changes you can make within your home, which will help the environment. These changes won’t make that much of a difference to your lifestyle, but they will make a huge impact on saving the world. Every person in the world should be doing their part. Perhaps if we all chipped in we could make a significant change and reverse some of the harmful processes we have caused. Here are some ways in which you can begin to make your home more eco-friendly today.

Use Less Central heating

How often do you leave your central heating on? You might have it on a timer or even have it on every day. Central heating uses so much energy and is a pointless waste of natural resources. Before we had central heating people would wrap up warm in the winter. Now people walk around in shorts and t-shirts and the heating on full blast. It isn’t right. You can save on heating by installing double glazing in your house. Once you have double glazing your home will be warmer, and you won’t need central heating as much.

Choose Ethical Furniture

Ethical furniture is the easiest way you can have an eco-home. Much of the furniture available is not eco-friendly. Choose pieces of furniture that use natural materials, such as solid wood. Solid wood furniture might cost a little more to begin with, but it is not as harmful to the environment as plastic or artificial wood.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are just as good as regular light bulbs, yet use up to 50% less energy. By switching from your usual brand to a low-cost, eco-friendly brand you will start to save on energy bills and have a greener home. The only difference you will notice with an energy saving bulb is that it takes longer to brighten up. For the first minute when you turn on the light, the room might appear dim. After that the bulb will be just as bright as any other.  

Clean Out Your Fridge

This step is easy and quick. All you need to do is clean out your fridge to make it more energy efficient. A dirty, clogged fridge uses more energy than a new fridge. Spend an afternoon cleaning out the fridge and thermostat. Once you have cleaned up, your fridge should use less energy. It is these small touches that make your home greener. By ensuring that everything is running as efficiently as possible, you save a lot of energy.

Have A Turn Off Policy

There is one simple rule you can stick to when trying to create a greener home. Whenever something is not in use, you need to turn it off. It is that simple. Turn your computer off when you’re not on it and turn all your appliances off before you go to bed. So many people neglect to turn off their electronics through sheer laziness. It is easy to forget to turn things off, so make it part of your evening routine. After you brush your teeth, turn everything off before you go to bed. By working the chore into your routine, you will find it easy to remember.

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