Astrological Benefits of Diamonds

It’s really fun for all the ladies out there to find another reason to buy a diamond. Nine gemstones are considered as the Navratan, which means revered gemstone, according to Vedic astrology. Diamond is one of them. It not only brings fortune and longevity but also brings with it some medicinal and prosperous properties. If you want to get all possible benefits of a diamond, you should buy the purest form, a loose diamond from a trusted source like Union Diamond.

Interesting Facts about Loose Diamonds

Here is a list of fun facts about diamonds, read it before you get to know the astrological benefits of the diamond.

  • Diamond is made out of only one element, carbon.
  • The word ‘diamond’ originates from a Greek word which means ‘unbreakable’.
  • It is the hardest material known to humankind and apart from jewelry it is also used in industrial cutting and polishing.
  • Traces of other minerals impart colors to diamonds coloring them red, yellow, blue, black, etc.

 Astrological facts about this precious stone:

  • It is astrologically the gemstone of the Venus as per Vedic astrology.
  • The different colors have different applications in astrology.
  • It is considered the stone of good luck. It is recommended for people who were born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month.

Astrological benefits of wearing this gemstone:

  • It can benefit the bearer very quickly.
  • It enhances the longevity and social status of the wearer
  • It provides decision making abilities, administrative abilities and ability to execute plans efficiently.
  • It encourages the wearer to take part in social works and charity and also evokes spiritual inclinations.
  • It is good for general happiness and can be worn for success in legal matters as it ensures victory over opponents.
  • For ladies who want to look slender, stunning and virtuous, diamonds are a good choice. They bring peace and serenity and signify fidelity in relationship.
  • It also provides medicinal benefits. It can be used to cure diabetes, plague and insomnia. If worn around the neck, it ensures unproblematic delivery for ladies.

Who should wear this gemstone?

  • It’s highly recommended that it should be worn under the guidance of a proficient astrologer to avoid any negative consequence.
  • If you are looking for aristocracy of temperament, resilience of thinking and have big dreams of prosperity. This gem is for you.
  •  It is also recommended for those ladies who are suffering from marital problems.
  •  It is highly recommended for creative people, such as, artists, musicians, writers, dancers, singers and theater artistes
  • It is usually recommended for Gemini’s born between May 22 and June 21.

It is said that the best time wear diamonds is on Fridays within an hour of the sunrise. When the loose diamonds are creatively set in a necklace, ring or pendant, they look sparking as well as lucky.

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