Save The Planet With This Eco-Home Guide

Your home is your greatest weapon in the fight against global warming. Protecting the planet is our duty as well as our right. Unfortunately, life does not allow us to go to the extremes of casting off modern society entirely. That’s where this guide comes in. It’ll show you how you can turn your home into an eco-powerhouse, and help save the planet.

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Solar Power

Part of saving the planet and creating an eco-home is weaning yourself off of fossil fuel created electricity. Solar power is a big part of that. While dependent on the weather, sometimes you can get very lucky and power your home for a third of a year on solar power alone.

More and more new homes are seeing solar panels built in as part of green initiatives. However, many older homes do not have solar panels. Getting them fitting is fairly easy. There are a bunch of companies who do the installation now. Get in touch with them, and get a quote for how much it’ll cost. For the price of an up-front investment, you’ll be saving on your energy bill and saving the planet at the same time.


We all need hot water. It’s all well and good trying to be natural and burning it over a wood stove, but even that isn’t particularly eco-friendly. You have to do the best you can in these situations though, which means looking at eco-friendly hot water systems.

You can check prices for hot water installations online, as well as how they’re rated for being friendly to the environment. These ratings will come from how much power they draw when heating water.


The planet needs more greenery. While there are still vast amounts of green and undeveloped land in most countries, we need to work harder on bringing more plants into urban areas. Cities have quite a lot of smog and pollution. To combat this, we need some trees and plants.

These plants will take in the carbon dioxide in our environment, and pump oxygen back out. Of course, the first thing that needs to be done is to actually grow these plants.

Compost is an amazing way to create a nutritious and fertile feed for plants. Mixed in with quality soil, and you’ll see some strong growth if you’re taking care of the plants enough. Get a compost bin from a home improvement store, and then start filling it with organic household waste like grass clippings, egg shells, and apple cores.

Conserving Water And Electricity

Don’t think because you have solar panels and an eco-friendly boiler that you can get away with wasting water and electricity. To save the planet you have to be diligent about these things. Don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth. Turn a light off when you leave a room. All of this is pretty basic, and you should easily be able to follow them.

What you have to remember is that you can’t save the planet yourself. You need other people to make these changes too. Set an example for the world.