Tesco Trials Paper Bags In Store

Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, has found 2014 to be tough trying to compete with budget brands like Lidl and Aldi. This has seen their sales drop dramatically and their expansion plans have come to a halt.

What’s more, their share price has taken a tumble and a number of their top executives have been suspended.

One thing that the supermarket-giant is looking to do in 2015 though is to introduce Eco-friendly paper bags into their stores. Immediate thoughts behind this may have been the plastic bag charge that will also come into force during 2015, but the brand have done it to differentiate themselves from their competitors too.

Initially, Tesco will only be using paper bags for their deliveries and for fresh fruit and vegetables. This move is to ensure fruit and vegetables are kept fresher for longer in a paper bag than they are in a plastic one.

Tesco’s website is also making full use of explaining to customers that their new paper bags can be easily recycled with their other paper, or they can hand the bags straight back to the delivery driver to reuse again.

They will be testing the success of these paper bags by customer satisfaction and if the customer is happy, Tesco will look to roll out the bags to their stores and at checkouts nationwide. This is big news for the retail world and this move could be the start of an influx of companies alike adopting the paper bag in their stores.

The amount of plastic bags being used has actually increased over the last year and is at the highest for over a decade, but this move by Tesco – and if others follow suit – could mean that this upswing is reversed next year.

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