Shipping Container Homes by Award Winning UK-based Architects

Yes, the Shipping Container Home Movement is expanding, and it isn’t only being led by eco-conscious tree huggers, or folks rattled by our current decade-plus recession; Impressive award winning green architecture firms in the UK are taking a keen interest as well.

And the concepts are breath-taking. How they built shipping containers into sights of wonder is a wonder itself.

High Calibre Container Home Concepts

Most of these concepts made it to construction and have been erected in popular locations across the United Kingdom and abroad. Others made it no further than the drawing board, although equally as inspiring, every single one of these concepts has been on display in one form or another, in art shows and public displays all over the world.

Here are a two of our personal favourite architectural firms, and the work they’ve done in how they built shipping containers in their designs:

Urban Space Management

Urban Space Management is hands-down our favourite contributor to the architectural movement of Shipping Container Homes. It is clear that they have vested themselves deeply into the soul and spine of this new culture, which has come on the heels of a popularisation of affordable, sustainable, and eco-conscious living.

Among their awards perhaps the most notable is the lifetime achievement award, granted to the firm’s founder, Eric Reynolds.

Urban Space Management is responsible for the Container City project, an innovative modular system that creates affordable accommodation for a range of uses through the utilisation of previously used shipping containers.

The projects’ popular corporate website spin-off includes a number of enticing container home and building conversions.

OBS Tower

The OBS tower is a recent addition to the Stratford Olympic Park, and stands nine storeys tall. It is Urban Space Managements largest shipping container conversion.

BBC Broadcasting Studios

Also situated at Stratford Olympic Park, the new BBC Sport studio was created to provide great scenic views of the iconic stadium from within the construct.

The BBC requested this concept with its environmental impact in mind, and the three storey building was realised by a partnership with Allies and Morrison, who designed a wood and glass roof pergola to wrap around it. The building also incorporated the 2010 World Cup studio.

Islington Boxing Club

This draft design was created to conceptualise a purpose-built modular replacement for existing infrastructure for the Islington Boxing Club, and includes room for new boxing and gym facilities, football pitch, and a cafe.

Portishead Quays

Currently under construction, Urban Space Management’s Container City created the modular units which will serve as meeting rooms, changing rooms, showers, and lobby within the Portishead Quays development.

In addition to these fine examples of shipping container architecture, Urban Space Management has also created eye catching concepts for the Birkbeck Mews, and Waterloo’s “Necropolis”, among others.


Our other favourite and leader in modular shipping container architecture is Whitecrate, who have conceptualised projects which include custom stages, experiential learning facilities, retail facilities, and hospitality facilities.

Their work with shipping containers have graced several popular hospitality venues such as Urban Winter Village, Dock Lounge, Ministry of Sound, and even Wimbledon –and has won various awards, including honours at the Salford Business Awards.

Our favourite Whitecrate creation is the Pop-Up School, which features a thermal chimney, wind turbine, solar thermal rooftop, and botanical cell.