Tip And Advice For A Stylish Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

After a couple of slow years in the building and construction industry, 2013 and the start of 2014 have seen a dramatic increase in consumer sentiment and development is occurring all around the world. In fact, now is the perfect time to build or renovate your home if you’ve been thinking about making improvements to add value to your premises for a while. You’d be surprised how even small changes can improve the value of your home. For example, changing the look of your bathroom will definitely add value to your home and make the bathroom look great. However, it could also cost a lot of money and therefore, if you are interested in a happy medium between giving your bathroom a new look without breaking the bank, we have gathered together some great tips and ideas for you.

Replace Your Bathroom Countertop Accessories

It could be, depending on what you have in your cupboards and around your house, that this tip doesn’t actually require any shopping whatsoever.  If you have an interesting or quirky ceramic mug or cup, you could use this as a toothbrush holder.  While old, but still in good condition patterned bowls make great soap dishes.

Participate In A Little Bit Of De-cluttering

Rather than renovating, consider de-cluttering what is on the countertops in your bathroom.  While the fancy Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottle and nice candle your mother bought you will add a touch of class and sophistication, the shaving gel and packet of ibuprofen will not.  While there are things you may need to keep close to hand, a lot of other things can be stored away elsewhere.  By taking a minimal approach to your countertops you allow the individual items to shine.

Out With The Old/In With The New

After you have de-cluttered your bathroom, you should also give thought to replacing things such as the shower curtain or the curtain/drapes you have on your bathroom window.  You’d be amazed how much such a simple thing as changing these items can affect the overall look of a room, particularly the bathroom.

Your New Bathmat Doesn’t Actually Have To Be A Bathmat

While we are on the subject of replacing things that have seen better days, let’s discuss your bathmat.  If you are changing the curtains and shower curtain in your bathroom, you will undoubtedly want to change the bathmat too.  Instead of doing what everyone else does and heading to the bathroom department of your nearest homewares or DIY store, consider rugs that are maybe marketed for other rooms in your home.  Just because something is being sold as a kitchen or bedroom rug, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it in your bathroom.

Repurpose Furniture From Other Rooms

Another great way to make your bathroom look different without doing too much or spending too much, is by repurposing items of furniture (space permitting) from other rooms.  So, if you have a stool or side table that is just taking up dust elsewhere you could use it to alter how your bathroom looks.

Freshen The Ceiling And Walls With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

It may seem rather obvious, but don’t underestimate the difference a fresh coat of paint can make to a room.  It doesn’t even have to be a new colour, just painting the walls and ceiling with a fresh coat can make your bathroom feel like a completely new room.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed at the cost of renovating and redecorating, because by following the tips and advice above you could have a bathroom that feels new and looks new too!  There are still ways to save money even if you do want to buy some great bathroom furniture of vanities, by checking out Allure Bathrooms.

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